Foot-Dragging at the Kentucky Public Services Commission

Granny Sue on Smart Meters in KentuckyEvery night as I return home from work, the first thing to be checked is the light switch in the hall. If the light comes on, then I know the electric company has not yet cut the power. I may seem like an unlikely person to worry about electric power. My energy usage is very small, having shunned most energy draining items of convenience, but . . . → Read More

Editor: Why I’m Voting For Matt Bevin

All the reasons why Matt Bevin is the best choice for KY Governor! “Matt Bevin for Governor of Kentucky!” – Judge Napolitano (1) Since the Judge has come out for Matt Bevin, I’m coming out of my shell. You don’t get more “Constitutional Conservative” than Judge Napolitano! Here are the reasons why I’m voting for Matt Bevin. Who is Matt Bevin? In . . . → Read More

Lexington Tea Party Hosts Governor Candidates’ Forum

lexteadebate2On Monday, April 20th — Patriot’s Day — join Matt Bevin, Chris McDaniel and Will T. Scott at a debate-style Meet ‘n Greet from 6-9pm at the Main Street Library in downtown Lexington! Event is free and open to the public. . . . → Read More

KY Mom: Why I’m Voting for Matt Bevin for Governor

KY Mom: Why I’m Voting for Matt Bevin for GovernorBy Laura Van Hoose I do not consider myself to be a “political person.” In a nutshell, I am a busy mom of two active boys, a first grade teacher, a youth pastor’s wife, serve on committees at school and church, a soccer coach, and active in my church. In the rare occasion that I have some “free” . . . → Read More

Both KY Anti-Parent Bills Get Approval on First Reading. Call/Email Again!

In reference to yesterday’s Action Alert: HB270: Mental Health for Minors without Parental Consent HB188: Increases CPS Authority/Unannounced Visits Both bills were approved in yesterday’s first Senate H&W reading. Bear in mind, they both passed the House overwhelmingly — not a single House member voted against either bill! Why? They are “for the children,” the three most dangerous words to be uttered to a legislator! Two more readings in Committee and these bills go to the floor for a . . . → Read More

2 Bills Undermining Parental Rights – CALL/EMAIL NOW! (lines are open)

These two terrible bills undermining parental rights both PASSED the House and are now in Senate H&W. This committee meets at noon TODAY! Please CALL and EMAIL members now — everything is below. Thank you! THE BILLS HB 270: Mental Health for Minors without Parental Consent HB 188: Increases CPS Authority/Unannounced Visits PHONE Call 800-372-7181 (open 7am) Message is for: Members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, All Senate Leadership, and YOUR Senator MESSAGE “Oppose HB 270 it violates parent’s rights to give consent . . . → Read More

How to Reclaim Liberty Once Lost

How to reclaim liberty once it has been lost... Can we reclaim liberty? Is it even possible, so far down the road? John Adams said, “Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” We must act as though he were wrong. What can we do? Clearly voting does not matter. Even with Congress’ abysmal approval rating, the same derelicts are re-elected time after time. While we were sleeping, they . . . → Read More

Who Watches the Watchmen? It’s Supposed to be the Grand Jury!

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?” -Roman poet Juvenal, Satires "Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?" ("Who watches the watchmen?") -Roman poet Juvenal, SatiresWe have a policing problem in America. At heart, it’s not a problem unique to the police, or to America. Indeed, as Juvenal’s quote above indicates, it’s a problem the Romans were well aware of, too. Thanks to a slew of high-profile cases, much of the mainstream is . . . → Read More