How to Find Your Ky Senator and House Rep Using the LRC Mapping Tool

Took me awhile to figure it out, but it’s actually a pretty good tool. Any questions, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

On Gay Marriage, the SCOTUS Ruling, Liberty & County Clerks

Social media, email and forum threads are still going crazy two weeks after SCOTUS ruled that states cannot ban gay couples from getting married. Touchy subject! Because KyFreePress strives to hold a constitutional bias, I asked several liberty friends to share their views, and they did: liberty4everLiberty4Ever: The SCOTUS induced homosexual marriage distraction seemed designed to cause acrimony and civil unrest, in much the same manner that the Confederate battle flag controversy seems . . . → Read More

Understanding the Confederate Flag

People tend to forget the history of the Confederate flag, designed and used by the Confederates during the U.S. Civil War, from 1861 to 1865. 1st Official Confederate flag The first national flag, called the “Stars and Bars,” was designed by German-American Nicola Marschall, who also designed the gray uniforms the Confederates wore. He modeled it after the flag of the Austrian Empire. It was first flown over the first Confederate capitol of Montgomery, Alabama. . . . → Read More

Lexington TEA Party Meeting Next Tuesday 6/16

Join us at the Tates Creek Library, 3628 Walden Drive, Lexington from 6pm to 8pm, plenty of parking. Click here for map. We have the large conference room, you can bring something to eat and drink. Take out what you bring in, please. AGENDA Plan of action for the 2015 election, what we can do, host any events, who needs signs, tees, etc. In order for Matt to win November 3rd, we need all hands on deck! Does LexTea want to host a . . . → Read More

KY Jury Trial: Charged with Manslaughter Based Solely on THC in Blood

The winning team: Guy Hamilton-Smith, Russ Baladani, the accused, Tucker RichardsonThe good guys win one: Guy Hamilton-Smith, Russ Baladani, Mr. Beasley, Tucker Richardson Commonwealth vs. Beasley — The young black man in the photo above, a whip-smart college student, was involved in a tragic accident in 2011 during which he lost control of his car and his best friend was killed. According to all reports, there was no sign . . . → Read More

A Parental Rights Amendment? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Parental Rights Amendment is a BAD IDEAThere is no question that parental rights are under attack. CPS and police state abuses are rampant everywhere you look. Kids are being removed from safe and loving homes for crimes like seeking a second medical opinion, refusing to follow doctor’s orders, home-schooling, home-birthing, and taking a harmless mineral supplement. A quick visit . . . → Read More

Foot-Dragging at the Kentucky Public Services Commission

Granny Sue on Smart Meters in KentuckyEvery night as I return home from work, the first thing to be checked is the light switch in the hall. If the light comes on, then I know the electric company has not yet cut the power. I may seem like an unlikely person to worry about electric power. My energy usage is very small, having shunned most energy draining items of convenience, but . . . → Read More

Editor: Why I’m Voting For Matt Bevin

All the reasons why Matt Bevin is the best choice for KY Governor! “Matt Bevin for Governor of Kentucky!” – Judge Napolitano (1) Since the Judge has come out for Matt Bevin, I’m coming out of my shell. You don’t get more “Constitutional Conservative” than Judge Napolitano! Here are the reasons why I’m voting for Matt Bevin. Who is Matt Bevin? In . . . → Read More