The Truth Behind the Matt Bevin Lies


Still concerned about the Matt Bevin lies? Read more to learn the not-so-startling truth. (His opponents made them up.)
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What about Jack Conway’s Black BIL Hezzie Boone?

hezzie boone

Hezzie Boone’s life has taken a bad turn. Is he guilty of all the things the Conway’s allege? Or is he the victim of KY’s famous corruption?
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Matt Bevin Mails a Letter to All KSP Troopers


Matt Bevin writes to the KSP and his concern about three issues directly affecting troopers and their families.
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Matt Bevin on Kentucky Teacher Pensions


Matt Bevin addresses Kentucky teacher pensions: there’s a crisis happening. Here’s what his administration will do.
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Kentucky Vets Hung Out to Dry — Where’s Beshear, Conway?

ky vets for hemp

It’s been a decade since this promise was made: bill passed, statute entered. Kentucky veterans have come home looking forward to that hand up. Where the *&#(*@ is it?
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#KyGov: Matt Bevin Answers KY Educators’ Questionnaire

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 8.37.55 PM

Both candidates for #kygov were sent the following questionnaire from the KY Assoc of Professional Educators (KAPE). Bevin’s answers are below. (Conway did not respond.)
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How to Find Your Ky Senator and House Rep Using the LRC Mapping Tool


Looking for your KY senator and house rep to give them a piece of your mind? GOOD! Here’s how to use the LRC tool.
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On Gay Marriage, the SCOTUS Ruling, Liberty & a Certain Kentucky County Clerk

David Adams TEA Party Activist

Everyone has an opinion about the SCOTUS ruling and a certain Kentucky county clerk… Here are five from the liberty crowd that don’t actually stink.
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