The New Lift Kentucky Tax

sales-taxA friend alerted KyFreePress to the brand new marketing push for the tired old idea of passing a constitutional amendment giving local governments the “right” to authorize a 1% sales tax for “community” projects. It’s being branded as the Lift Kentucky tax. If history teaches us anything, it’s that a tax by its very nature enslaves the payer and diminishes the economy. . . . → Read More

The War on… Okra?

cannabis-okraRemember all of the police representatives opposing industrial hemp because they said they would have a difficult time distinguishing it from marijuana, and the hemp advocates saying that it’s very easy to tell the two apart? Well, maybe we gave them a bit too much credit. Apparently the Georgia governor’s task force for drug suppression can’t tell the difference between marijuana and okra. That’s not to say that okra looks a lot like marijuana. . . . → Read More

Gapple and Oogle, Our Defenders: Names Encrypted for Their Security

fred-navheaderEditor’s note: I’ve been reading Fred Reed since about 2007. Although our focus here is on Kentucky politics, there are evil forces at work all around us. Fred explains tyranny in America — and our not-so-distant future — very well. Please read while I get back to prepping. by Fred Reed I read that Apple and Google have begun encrypting the data of customers so that nobody, including Apple and Google, have plaintext access to . . . → Read More

Clark County Illegal Zone Change Debacle Not Over

Open Pit Mining operation - do we want this in Clark County?Concerned Winchester citizens are pushing back against a Clark County illegal zone change made by their lame-duck Commissioner. (Back story here; see other links below.) Why would the commission do this: vote to change zoning in an A-1 Ag zone to I-2 Heavy Industry, especially when Clark County’s Comprehensive Plan forbids . . . → Read More

Major Liberty Victories: The Botany Bay Lives to Fight Another Day!

Ginny and Olivia Saville say Thank you, TuckerLast year about this time, Tucker Richardson and won a victory for long-time Kentucky liberty advocate Ginny Saville. It was a very good day. We reprint her letter here – Happy Anniversary, Ginny! By the way, The Botany Bay has a new location at 420 E. New Circle Road. Ginny is a good friend to KFP, please stop in and buy something cool! In August . . . → Read More

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