IRS Determined to Jail Doreen Hendrickson for Refusing to Lie on a 1040

Talk about your first amendment challenge. It doesn’t get any dirtier than this. Doreen-1-283x300 You might have read about Doreen Hendrickson’s first trial here and here. Doreen is the wife of Pete, author of Cracking the Code: the Fascinating Truth About the Income Tax and who was himself jailed by the IRS for almost 3 years. In its relentless quest to punish this courageous tax honesty family, the IRS appears determined to . . . → Read More

Winchester Man Shot by KSP over 3 Marijuana Plants

You won’t believe this story. Joel Naselroad and his parents live just outside Winchester Kentucky on a pretty, wooded 5-acre lot. There’s a pond with tame fish (they all come up when Joel whistles for them), a huge vegetable garden, several laying hens and a guinea, and a separate garden with an exotic array of peppers growing wild and hot. Among them is a Mexican pepper plant he’s nurtured for 8 years. . . . → Read More

Action Alert: The Winchester Quarry is Back on the Table, Need Help

Winchester Quarry is Back on the TableAll hands on deck! Please attend Wednesday’s meeting of the Clark County Fiscal Court at 9:30 a.m. at the Clark County Courthouse, 34 South Main Street, Winchester. Submit a letter to the Editor. Then call and/or write the County Commissioners. According to the front page . . . → Read More

Electricity: The Amish are Right

Electricity: The Amish are Right (Smart Meters in Kentucky)This week has left me more appreciative of the Amish views about electricity. According to what I have read, the Amish are very careful about being connected with the world outside their communities and what is brought into their homes. Some sects are not completely against electricity and allow use of batteries, diesel generators and solar power. What they are chary . . . → Read More

Kentucky, Casualty in the ‘War on Coal’

10443497_712481281153_34145311322511092_n It’s hardly recent news that Eastern Kentucky has struggled with Earnings Inequality & Economic Depression in the past as indicated by a report from The Cleveland FED(a), what is new news is the possibility that this is probably the deepest recession in the mountains since The Great Depression. Unlike the great depression however these economic woes are not the result of a ‘free’ market crash perpetrated by over leveraged bankers, todays mechanism of injury to . . . → Read More

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