Major Liberty Victories: The Botany Bay Lives to Fight Another Day!

Ginny and Olivia Saville say Thank you, TuckerLast year about this time, Tucker Richardson and won a victory for long-time Kentucky liberty advocate Ginny Saville. It was a very good day. We reprint her letter here – Happy Anniversary, Ginny! By the way, The Botany Bay has a new location at 420 E. New Circle Road. Ginny is a good friend to KFP, please stop in and buy something cool! In August . . . → Read More

Joel Naselroad Released From Jail Today!

Joel Naselroad and his mom, Jeannie Wow. No warning, no preamble. Just released. There is a little justice in the world after all. (Bound to be more to the story, right? Stay tuned.) What a happy, happy day!!! Background: Winchester Man Shot by KSP over 3 Marijuana Plants Joel Naselroad’s Motion for Shock Probation Judge Mocks Shooting Victim Joel Naselroad in Open Court

Joel Naselroad’s Motion for Shock Probation

Please notice that there is no victim. The “plaintiff” is the state. So… who was actually harmed? KyFreePress asserts that no victim, no crime. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY CLARK CIRCUIT COURT CRIMINAL BRANCH 1ST DIVISION COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY PLAINTIFF vs No. 13-CR-114 MOTION FOR SHOCK PROBATION AND TO CORRECT DEFENDANT’S CUSTODY CREDIT JOEL NASELROAD DEFENDANT * * * * * * * * Comes now the Defendant, Joel Naselroad, by and through the undersigned counsel, and hereby Moves this Honorable . . . → Read More

Clark County Judge Mocks Police Shooting Victim in Open Court

Editor’s note: This came to me via email. I know the the author, who asked for anonymity. I was at the hearing. The reporting is accurate and I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments. “I’m tired of you acting like he’s the victim,” Judge Wm. Clouse repeatedly complained to attorney Tucker Richardson about his client, KSP shooting victim Joel Naselroad. This was during Joel’s Shock Probation hearing yesterday, August 14th, in Winchester. (Read the motion below . . . → Read More

IRS Determined to Jail Doreen Hendrickson for Refusing to Lie on a 1040

Talk about your first amendment challenge. It doesn’t get any dirtier than this. Doreen-1-283x300 You might have read about Doreen Hendrickson’s first trial here and here. Doreen is the wife of Pete, author of Cracking the Code: the Fascinating Truth About the Income Tax and who was himself jailed by the IRS for almost 3 years. In its relentless quest to punish this courageous tax honesty family, the IRS appears determined to . . . → Read More

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