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  • clair Stines

    My concerns are the corruptions in our own Courts, (fiscal court,civil court, criminal court) and the injustices grown from a life time of wrong. Audit of 2012 not released until september 2013 showing 3.5 million dollars unaccounted for. White collar crimes are killing Harlan Kentucky and rarely prosecuted. Harlan Detention Center primary money maker from locking our young men and women up. Our people deserve better.

    • I have been in enough courtrooms at this point (tax court, dui court, family court and district court and — this morning — going to federal court to watch the FDA try to jail a local Amish man for making a salve. As my son would say, “It’s upside down day, Mom.”

      What audit of 2012? Would love any details: kyfreepress AT Thank you for caring enough to write!

      If you want to see any change in how KY operates (get it out of the dark and into the sunshine), Vote for Matt Bevin tomorrow. I know him personally and believe him to be a man of integrity. At the very least, he’s not a career politician. Conway is KY’s top prosecutor… he’s had 8 years to fix the very problems you talk about. It will be more of the same under Conway.

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