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Ky Amish farmer Samuel Girod vs. FDA Sam is looking at 68 years in prison over charges stemming from a labeling infraction on an all-natural salve his family has made and sold for 20 years. No victims, no complaints. Complete story here.

Response to the Louisville Metro Council’s Assault on Police Chief Conrad

Here’s the article outlining the assault. Er, meeting. The short video at the top of the article is informative. THE PROBLEM: Violence in Louisville neighborhoods. Dear Louisville citizens, LOOK OUT. Your Metro Council just instructed your police chief to give his cops free rein. Let’s start with Chief Conrad’s fantastic and noteworthy response: “I do support [my officers]. I do have their back. That said, I have a long list of expectations. They will treat people right. They will treat people with respect. They will . . . → Read More

Hello, my name is Peggy. I live in Kentucky and I use medical Cannabis.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I heard Peggy’s story at a recent townhall meeting. I asked if she would share her Kentucky medical Cannabis story here and she said yes without hesitation. She knows the risks, but, as Peggy pointed out, if people aren’t willing to stand up and show Kentucky’s legislators that #cannabisismedicine with tremendous benefits and no side effects, things will never change. I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma on July 1, 2013. As recommended by my doctor, I had the left breast removed. I wanted the . . . → Read More

LETTER: Guard Your Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights

Dear Editor: Let’s consider some actual facts on “Gun Violence” in the US: In an interview with anti-gun Carol Costello on CNN’s Newsroom, the Executive Director for Gun Owners of America, Mr. Erich Pratt, presented some critical facts few people ever think about or are ever aware of. (Ms. Costello had attacked gun ownership based on “stunning numbers from the CDC”). Here are some of Mr. Pratt’s responses: 1. To her erroneous claim attributed to the CDC that “more than 33,000 people die from firearms every single . . . → Read More

Kentucky Midwives: the Trouble with Begging for Regulation

The Kentucky Home Birth Coalition (KHBC) is working to pass a law regulating and licensing Kentucky midwives. Here is a Youtube presentation on the proposed Kentucky midwifery bill. Here is the KHBC’s website. At yesterday’s Take Back Kentucky meeting, Mary Kathryn DeLodder of KHBC and I presented our opposing views. The bottom line is that, while we agree on the problems currently plaguing the midwifery situation here in KY, we strongly disagree on the solution. SUMMARY Midwifery was “legalized” in Kentucky in 1954, . . . → Read More

Forced Vaccinations on the Docket for ALL Americans

This is as serious as it gets. Government employees get to decide if you are sick, then detain you for 72 hours without due process, and have the authority to administer forced vaccinations. Even if you are pro-vaccination, do you want a TSA agent deciding your medical treatment? Click here for details and what you can do to stop this insanity. This is an assault. Behave accordingly. . . . → Read More

Brace Yourselves: Calendar Set for General Assembly’s 2017 Session

FRANKFORT – The 2017 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly is scheduled to begin on Jan. 3 and will last 30 legislative days. As usual during in an odd-numbered year, in which sessions are half as long as in even-numbered years, the session will have two parts. The first four days of the session – Jan. 3 to Jan. 6 – will focus on organizational work, such as electing legislative leaders, adopting rules of procedure and organizing committees. The introduction and consideration of legislation can also begin during . . . → Read More

LETTER: My Story on the Use of Cannabis as a Medicine.

Editor’s Note: Please join us this Friday morning (tomorrow July 8) at 10:00am in the Capitol Annex Bldg, Room 129 for a Licenses and Occupation Joint Committee Hearing on the legalization of Medical Cannabis in KY. We need to fill the committee room #129 and adjacent overflow room with supporters and patients. I know it is a lot to ask but please pass this along and plan to attend this hearing with your friends. See you there! Hello, I am Mr. Mark Steven Gamble, a 53-year-old disabled veteran . . . → Read More

URGENT: Congress Votes on Gun Control Tomorrow #StopHR5611

YOUR HELP IS URGENTLY NEEDED TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS! Thomas Massie and Justin Amash are working to defeat this massive DHS over reach which will give DHS even more power to take our freedoms under the guise of fighting terrorism. House Republicans are pushing FOR this bill (wth?) with Paul Ryan leading the charge. This resolution comes up for a vote tomorrow, Wednesday. Please call your Congressman RIGHT AWAY and urge them to vote NO on this resolution. Tell . . . → Read More