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peter-smile-cig-roundSometime in the early 70s, Hal fled New England, heading south. He ended up in Key West, Florida, settling there because, well, the road ended. PLus, local legend had it that large, sodden bales of marijuana floated up onto the beaches at night. Sadly, the square grouper tales were greatly exaggerated, forcing him into business to secure reliable supplies of pizza, beer, and bullets.

He spent thirty years in Key West ending up, like everyone else, in the real estate business. In 2005, he moved further south to San Jose, Costa Rica, where he lived with his wife, two teen-aged sons, mother-in-law and three big, muddy dogs for nearly five wonderful years. Now back in the states, living in a place with snow and ice, the family is once again rethinking their domicile. Stay tuned.

Currently working on his third book, he is the author of Democracy: The Painted Whore, an Extremist Explains War, Drugs, Guns, God, Gold and Santa Clause and Moving to Costa Rica, a collection of essays from an expat’s point of view. He formerly wrote a weekly column for Key West The Newspaper and various other disreputable online publications. You can contact Hal here.

iPura vida!