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Here’s an article you’ll never see in a U.S. MSM newspaper. It’s from the online Pravda. They make no "we’re not conspiracy nuts" excuses. They flat out tell us they think 9/11 was staged, a modern hi-tech Reichstag’s Fire. They are so bold as to suggest another staged attack would be a great boost to the sagging popularity of the President and his party. It would also conveniently provide the excuse Emperor George II has been looking for to bomb the snot out of Iran:

"The lesson of the staged 9/11 and the ensuing war in Iraq is clear: Americans will rally around the president and his party during distressing times. What could be more opportune for this president and his party than another staged 9/11-like event, followed by another war of retaliation, this time against Iran?"

There’s reason to think they are right. To suggest it is to attract the ridicule of every right-thinking American, even those with a healthy mistrust of government

For instance: Where are the airplanes?

This is a photo of the crash site of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania:

Here’s another. Where’s the plane?

In case you think planes always just vaporize when they auger into the ground, think again. A loaded Boeing 757 weighs something like 100 tons. Much of that weight is indestructable steel. Every individual part is uniquely numbered. All flight-critical parts are assigned to the aircraft by its registration number. Not a single identifiable part was found at this scene, but the "black box" was.

The wreckage was hauled out in a single truck. Imagine 100 Toyota Tercel’s crushed down to fit into a single dump truck.

Here’s a picture of the wreckage of a similar plane that hit the ground going really fast:

It’s a little morbid, but you can find photos of all kinds of plane wrecks here: Air Disasters. You will notice right away that the scenes of plane crashes feature many large and small pieces of airplanes.

Flight 93 is the only large commercial aircraft in history to vaporize upon impact with the earth. Oh, wait. There was one other. The one that crashed into the Pentagon that same day: American Airlines flight 77. Another 757.

Again: Where’s the plane? Flight 77 was 125 feet wide and 45 feet tall yet it vanished into a hole less than 25 feet wide.

If you have any answers, I’d love to hear them.

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