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I’ve written before about the voting scam, about the delusions of power it gives to members of a well trained herd, about the lack of any real choice in most elections. 

When PR hacks and hairstylists create the only differences between candidates, voting simply encourages the dissembling, grasping, power mongers we elect to think we approve of every indignity, larceny, and insult to our intelligence they dream up while in office. 

The idea that political freedom is the right to choose between two empty-headed career liars, each of whom bids for your vote with your money, is a fantasy that best serves those who want nothing so much as power. Those who equate voting with freedom are like caged monkeys who believe they are free because they get to choose who brings them the bananas.

From the view of an enthusiast for political liberty, constitutional government and free markets, there are no differences between Democrats and Republicans. It simply comes down to who gets looted and who gets the loot. And among members of the same party, the idea of a debate is almost laughable. That’s why I don’t watch televised debates nor pay much attention to who is declared the “winner.”

Out of the blue someone sent me a link to a YouTube video of a portion of the Republican candidate debates held on May 3. The clip featured remarks by Ron Paul, longtime libertarian congressman from Texas, now running for the Republican presidential nomination.

Paul is an unassuming geezer, but what he was saying was like political pornography. I couldn’t tear myself away. I was stunned that FCC goons handn’t dragged him off the stage. This stuff just isn’t allowed on regular TV. Paul was like a hooker at Tupperware party suggesting fun ways to use your salad spinner. He left the rest of the field gaping, checking their perfect haircuts, shuffling 3×5 cards, and hoping he would stop sounding so Regeanesque. 

Eliminate the IRS? Dump the Fed? Who is this guy?

Ron Paul was saying things that politicians never say. Things that Americans know are true. Dr. Paul was speaking truth to power, and he spoke it with genuine conviction and a deep understanding of the issues. He didn’t need little cards to remind him of his principles. He knew them by heart.

He used words you would think were banned judging by the number of times you hear them in mainstream political discussion, words like “limited government,” “constitutional principles,” “sound money,” and “defending liberty.” He is the rarest of politicians, a man of principle who speaks and lives those principles.

Of those who had a chance, Representative Paul was the only candidate who voted against the war in Iraq. He was the only one who suggested ending it as soon as possible.

Dr. Paul voted against the Patriot Act and its sweeping destruction of civil liberties. He pledged unshakable respect for the right of habeas corpus and opposition to a national ID. He has never voted for a tax increase, or for any raise in congressional pay or perks. He has never gone on a congressional junket.

Congressman Paul has never voted for a gun control proposal or any law that conflicts with the U.S. Constitution. Lobbyists don’t bother visiting his office. The 72 year-old Paul probably couldn’t lift a sack filled with the Taxpayer’s Friend awards he has received from the National Taxpayer’s Union.

When asked if he would eliminate the IRS he said, “Immediately.” He spoke the words “honest money” right out loud and showed he knew what that meant.

The mainstream media have Congressman Paul pegged as a dangerous crank and “unelectable.” We know this by the effort they are putting into ignoring him and his crushing victory in the May 3rd and subsequent debates.

According to every poll taken after the debates, Paul was the clear favorite of the American people.  Not a single news outlet mentioned his victory, let alone by what a huge margin he had won.

An MSNBC poll showed Paul a with over 40% of the vote in every approval category, more than doubling his next closest rival in each. I’ll bet this is the first you heard of it. MSNBC has hardly mentioned the poll. You can find it at HERE.

Polls by ABC and CSPAN showed similar lop-sided results favoring Rep. Paul, that were quickly dropped or ignored. ABC failed to even mention that Paul was a candidate then deleted thousands of complaints about it from its public bulletin boards.

I am not surprised the mainstream media are so intent on suppressing Ron Paul’s message. The media does not favor getting the government out of our lives, nor destroying the IRS, nor returning to the foreign policy the founders recommended, that of minding our own business. Those goals, however, clearly appeal to many politically active, thinking, voting Americans.

I am hopeful the media will fail in their efforts to undermine the political process. I am delighted and grateful that for the first time in my voting life have a genuine choice in a candidate for President and a reason to vote. Congressman Ron Paul.