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I will not argue whether Mrs. Jackson is correct or not. It doesn’t
matter. What matters is that America will not be a better place for
having Sherry Jackson behind bars. Justice will not be served so much
as abused.

If you share my concerns, you can help Mrs. Jackson by writing to the
Judge who is now charged with determining Sherry’s sentence.

Here’s the address:

Honorable Orinda Evans
United States District Court
75 Spring Street, Room 1988
Atlanta, GA 30303

RE: The United States v Sherry Peel Jackson
        Case No.: 1-07-CR-108

Among the points you might like to make are that Sherry is acting
honorably, according to sincerely held beliefs about the law,
which she came to as a result of her own research.

She is a wife and
mother whose incarceration would be a hardship to her children. No
justice will be served by punishing her for having the courage of her
convictions. The law is wildly complex and confusing and should be
resolved in favor of the citizen.

Above all: BE NICE!!!! Do not argue the law or be abusive or
threatening or in any way idiotic, which would do more harm than good.



Your Name
Your Address


Honorable Orinda Evans
United States District Courthouse
75 Spring Street, Room 1988
Atlanta, GA  30303

RE: The United States v. Sherry Peel Jackson*

CASE NO:   1:07-CR-108*

Dear Judge Evans,

I am writing on behalf of the above-referenced case.

I am deeply saddened to hear that Sherry Jackson has been charged and convicted of a crime. I believe her to be an ethical person and a sincere, concerned citizen.  Sherry has done extensive research about our tax system and is confident that she is acting and teaching in accordance with the law.

Consequently, I believe it is in the best interests of all American citizens that Sherry remains free. She is the mother of teenagers, and her children need her at home.  I pray that you will make her sentence the least possible available. 

I thank you for your consideration of her good character and honorable intention.


Your Name


You can also send Sherry some money. Fighting the Feds is an expensive proposition. Believe me, you don’t fight the income tax for the money you save. Any taxes Sherry might not have paid will be a tiny portion of what it costs to argue a point of law with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Send your check or money order to:

Sherry Jackson
1560 Fieldgreen Overlook
Stone Mountain, GA 30088