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I am just a little bit more focused on…

• MISSIONS than emissions.
• REDEMPTION than recycling.
• PEOPLE than pandas.
• Godly FOOTSTEPS than carbon footprints.
• GOSPEL message than glacier movement.
• GOD’S HOUSE than greenhouse.
• CULTURAL change than climate change.
• HOLY character than hybrid cars.
• SALVATION message than solar management.
• EVANGELISM than environmentalism.
• CONVERSION than conservation.
• RESURRECTION power than renewable energy.
• MOVING mountains than protecting mountains.
• OBEDIENCE depletion than ozone depletion.
• GOD’S PEACE than Greenpeace.
• SIN pollution than air pollution.
• FAITH than fuel.
• WHETHER people change than change in the weather.
• ETERNAL warming than global warming.
• RED than green.
• Environmentalism has a place, just not FIRST place.

Roger Fields
President of Kidz Blitz Ministries