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I read a report the other day that said there are millions of illegal immigrants that enter over our boards every years. There are 25 ports of entry into the US from Mexico that are not manned. These ports you can just walk over onto American soil. The US has put legislation in play that makes these “border jumpers” illegal immigrants. The legislation is supposed to make it hard for illegals to get comfortable in the US, i.e. get a job, apply for credit and so forth. However, America’s economy will most likely always be better off then Mexico’s which makes America a Promised Land to Mexicans.

When I lived in Atlanta, GA I would drive to work at 7:00am every morning. And every morning, I’d watch droves of illegal nationals come and sit on the sidewalks or concrete walls on every corner. Work trucks would pull up in front and usually 4-5 illegals would jump up and hop into the back. This wasn’t something that I was use to back home in Kentucky. But it was obvious that these men waiting for work every morning were here in the States illegally and couldn’t get legal work. But business owners would hire these illegal aliens for a day or two. They wouldn’t pay taxes on them and would not have to keep them as permanent employment.

Too often in the US we put legislation into law but it never has any consequences if it is broken. The law that makes it illegal to hire illegal immigrants, for instance, sounds great but where are the consequences if the law is not adhered to? I know plenty of people, as I’m sure you do also, who employ illegal foreign nationals to work. Mainly they are construction business owners. Have you ever heard of anyone getting a fine or penalty for employing illegal immigrants to work? Me either.

Most (not all) but most illegal aliens work hard for their money and are usually taken advantage of. Why? Because American business owners know that they can work an illegal immigrant twice as hard for half of what he is required to pay an American worker. I don’t fault the illegals for this nor do I fault the Business owners. I blame the government. We have legislation in place to keep this from happening but it continues as a vicious cycle.

If millions of illegal foreign nationals come into our borders every year, that is millions of American that will lose their jobs. Our economy is falling apart. Yet we allow these illegal aliens to come over our borders every month and steal American jobs. I am a strong proponent for helping our neighbors and other countries that may need a hand up in times of crisis. But right now, it’s MY country that is in the time of crisis and I’d like to see my government help out American workers first.

There are easy fixes to this problem. First, shut the borders down. Do not let non-Americans into our land. We as Americans need to help ourselves before we allow others into our private sector. Also, there are several infrastructure construction jobs in Obama’s stimulus package that will shortly be passed. I would have loved to see a portion of the bill dedicated to ensuring that these jobs went to American workers using American products. But nothing in the Obama Stimulus bill ensures that. So money out of my pocket will go to finance American jobs but will go to illegal workers. We need to once and for all get all of the illegal aliens out of our Motherland and start focusing on Americans. Then, we can help others but not until we help ourselves will our economy get back on its feet. Now is a time to be selfish and fix what years of wrongly managed infrastructure has caused.