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I love Matt Drudge. Anytime you think he may not have a sense of humor, he puts up a headline like today’s. It reads “Brave New World: Obama Unleashes the Science.” I had to laugh!

Brave New World is a brilliant book written in 1931 by Aldous Huxley. It is a futuristic book that deals with the practice of harvest and slaughter. This is exactly where we are today; a lot sooner than Huxley expected. Drudge is referring to Obama signing the executive order that reversed the ban on government spending on embryonic stem cell research. Matt is also being sarcastic when he says that Obama is unleashing science. Brave New World is a prediction of humans creating people and then destroying them. That is exactly what embryonic stem cell research does.

Adult stem cell research has been around for years and has done far more than embryonic cell research has ever thought of doing. All it does is give Liberals a license to kill. The embryos are harvested from aborted babies. Finally, the Liberals have that moral reason for killing innocent life. (Just don’t let it be an Al Queda terrorist that wants to fly planes through our buildings! We must not kill them.) I will refrain from getting into a rant on the oppositions of embryonic stem cell research. I will give the facts though.

Today, adult stem cells are used to treat more than eighty different diseases. (I will list some of them at the end of this blog.)

By contrast, the embryonic stem-cell researchers have produced nothing. They have treated nothing. They have not begun one human clinical trial. They’ve successfully treated a few rodents, but they keep running into two problems: First, the cells tend to be rejected by the immune system. Second, they tend to cause malignancies called teratomas–meaning “monster tumors.”

No one is going to buy a drawing of a potential cure when somebody else is already selling the cure.

Point in case: Laura Dominquez and Susan Fajt are two American women with spinal cord injuries that were treated with adult stem cells. Both regained feeling and movement.

Meanwhile, embryonic stem cells have never cured anything in any living creature.

“This is perhaps not surprising, since–in contrast to researchers on adult stem cells–embryonic stem-cell researchers are virtually never doctors. They’re biologists. They don’t care about healing people, they just want to be paid to push petri dishes around the lab, cut up a living human embryo, and sell it for parts like a stolen Toyota at a chop shop.”*

A short list of the successful treatments achieved by adult stem cells are these:

• Rebuilding livers wracked by otherwise irreversible cirrhosis
• Repairing spinal cord injuries by using stem cells from nasal and sinus regions
• Completely reversing Type 1 diabetes in mice using adult spleen cells
• Putting Crohn’s disease into remission with the patient’s own blood stem cells
• Putting lupus into remission using stem cells from the patient’s bloodstream
• Treating sickle-cell anemia using stem cells from umbilical cord blood
• Reparing the heart muscles in patients with congestive heart failure using adult stem cells from bone marrow
• Reparing heart attack damage with the patient’s own blood stem cells
• Restoring bone marrow in cancer patients using stem cells from umbilical cord blood
• Restoring weak heart muscles using immature skeletal muscle cells
• Putting Leukemia into remission using umbilical cord blood
• Healing bone fractures with bone marrow cells
• Restoring sight to blind people using an ocular surface stem-cell transplant and a cornea transplant
• Treating urinary incontinence using stem cells from underarm muscle
• Reversing severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) with genetically modified adult stem cells
• Restoring blood circulation in legs with bone marrow stem cells

Liberals call the opposition “anti-science.” I’m not against science. I am against aborting innocent life for futile research.

*Source: Ann Coulter, Godless: The Church of Liberalism; pp. 192-198