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I’d like to say a few words to the weak-kneed folks who are about to be administering our foreign policy with our wonderful Messiah- “Don’t Do it!”

Which “It” am I referring to? Weakening this country and making it easier and much, much more likely to be attacked by Al Queda Terrorists in the coming months.

How will this happen? By banning so-called “harsh” interrogation techniques, by gutting the provisions of the Patriot Act, and by treating Terrorists as simple criminals instead of foreign enemy fighters and spies in a time of war. Please allow me to explain.

Harsh Interrogation:

The following activities are considered “harsh” interrogation and are slated to be banned:

Preventing captive from sleeping for an extended period (beyond 12 hours up to more than 48 hours) – which means that anyone studying for final exams at any real institution by cramming for the last 2-4 days is actually subject to “harsh” treatment… think they could sue for damages?

Loud “inappropriate” music – for this they mean Metallica, AC/DC, and other Heavy Metal Bands. Or when I’m driving with my husband and he makes me listen to the station with the “Smooth Sounds of the Seventies” which always puts me at the brink of suicide… If we can’t use Metal, how about subjecting these bozos to that last Madonna album?

Public Humiliation (aka Abu Ghrab) – subjecting prisoners to humiliating and degrading situations, especially involving women in positions of power over them. So that would make the average Fraternity Hazing into torture… or having to work for that last female boss they had (the ultra-feminist who wouldn’t know a good idea if it crawled up her…).

Other psychological torture techniques as typified by my favorite “Waterboarding.” Something the left doesn’t realize (or chooses to ignore) is that anyone who is involved in administering that particular activity has actually been subjected to it themselves – its part of the training. This, I’m sure, keeps people from choosing to do it to everyone, and also helps them know when “enough is enough.” That particular method successfully broke Khalid Sheik Mohammed in under 2 minutes. It is not physically damaging. If its psychologically damaging, please remember that these are TERRORISTS and they were planning on KILLING PEOPLE.

Club Gitmo – keeping the enemy combatants off our home shores. Why in God’s Name would you want them here? If they got loose, who knows what they might do? Those prisoners are being treated far better than they have a right to expect. Oh, and all this talk about “shutting down Gitmo” forgets the fact that we have a base there that has been there for near 100 years, keeping an eye on Cuba since 1959, and it is not related to the prison camp. Its a vital part of our defenses. We need that base. So please be more accurate and at least harp about the “prisoner facility” at Gitmo.