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According to FEC campaign finance reports, atleast 40 members of the U.S. Congress have taken money from bailed out companies after those companies took the taxpayer bailouts.

Most of the bailed out companies giving the contributions were Wall Street investment banks. Many of the politicans that were staging the phony outrage over the AIG bailouts and were the “most outraged” during recent Congressional hearings with Investment bank CEO’s were the ones who were taking most of the campaign cash.

Obama and the Congress are pretending to be scrambling to stop the bonuses, but they are silent about politicans taking money from these bailed out firms. They could have easily inserted language in the bailouts to stop those companies from still giving campaign contributions. But, of course they didn’t stop it and many of them don’t mind getting taxpayer bailout funds for their re-election campaigns.

I said atleast 40 have taken these contributions, because that was the number in the last campaign finance reports and it is quite possible that additional members of Congress have taken these contributions from bailed out firms since the last reports were filed. We will know if additional members did infact take the cash when future FEC campaign finance reports are submitted.