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A few weeks ago, President Obama was saying that our economy was in crisis and that it might never recover.

Now Obama is saying that the economy is sound and fundamentally strong.

Have you heard that before?

That is what John McCain said during the campaign and Obama and the press hammered him for it. McCain seemed out of touch and it really hurt his campaign.

Now, Obama is basically saying the same thing that McCain did at a time when the economy is worse. The economy was not sound nor strong when McCain said it was, and the economy is even worse now.

Unemployment is higher now.
Dozens more U.S. companies are now foreign owned since then.
More banks have gone out of business since then.
Thousands more small businesses have gone out of business since then.
Our debt is higher since then.
We borrowed nearly a trillion dollars more from China since then.
More homes have been lost from foreclosure since then.
Trillions more dollars have transfered out of America since then.

etc, etc. etc.

On another note. Obama also hammered McCain during the campaign because of McCain’s healthcare plan would tax folks on their healthcare benefits. The Obama camp called that crazy and nothing but a tax hike on the middle class. Now, the White House says that they are open to the idea and are reviewing it.