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Today, President Obama held an online town hall meeting where citizen’s could submit questions and he would answer a few. It was a good information gathering effort to allow them to gauge public opinion and do the “popular” thing on many issues.

One woman asked about the jobs that have gone overseas. She asked when they would be coming back. Obama started with the credit crisis and how fixing that will bring some of the jobs back. That is simply not the case. The outsourcing of jobs is not due to the credit crunch.

Obama then went on to say that many of those jobs will not be coming back. Then he even said that we don’t want all of them to come back. He said that some of them would hurt our economy because they are low paying.

Obama said that we need to create high paying, skilled jobs here. Do you mean like the ones you keep trying to give to H-1B visa holders?

With rising unemployment and millions of Americans out of work, we need jobs period. Obama frowns on honest labor intense jobs. Those jobs are important and we need to retain them and bring as many back as we can. The first step to bringing them back is to get out of the job killing free trade agreements – NAFTA, CAFTA, etc.

But, Obama never even mentioned trade. Obama thinks that EVERY American should go to college and that his plan will create enough green energy jobs to keep our economy strong. Green energy jobs will not sustain us. They are only one piece of a very large puzzle.

And college is not for everyone. Sending everyone to college is a mistake. A very big mistake. We need people that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do some hard and dirty work. People that do hard work should not be told we don’t need your jobs. We should praise the folks that make America operate and understand that they are NECCESSARY for a strong and sustainable America. We don’t need and should not import cheap foreign nationals in the form of illegal immigration to do jobs that Americans can and do do everyday.

We need to protect our family farmers and re-build our manufacturing base that produce good middle class jobs and create a strong economy. Obama doesn’t want Americans to do the type of jobs that most people I know do. He would rather open up the border even further and allow more cheap illegal labor to flood in.

We cannot continue to allow our nation to depend upon foreign manufacturing. That puts us in a vulnerable and eventual unsustainable position. We can NOT RETAIN our superpower standing or even a strong standing without having a strong manufacturing and agricultural base and some form of self-reliance.