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Obama has now been in office for 100 days.

Here is a recap of his “World Apology Tour.”

In his first week, Obama apologized to the world for America’s “profound irresponsibility.”
He then apologized to France for America’s arrogance.
He apologized to the Special Olympics committee for making fun of handicapped bowlers.
He apologized for his administration for calling vet’s right-wing extremists.
He apologized to Mexico for American’s demand for drugs.

And in case you missed any of Obama apologies that the media did not cover:

Obama apologized to…

Poland for all the Polish jokes

baby boomers for greedy capitalists inventing 8-track tapes
England for arrogant Americans making fun of Prince Charles’ ears
the moon for NASA littering it with American flag they left behind
fat people for McDonald’s
computer users for Windows Vista
Canadians for making fun of…their entire country
people of India for intolerant Americans making fun of the dot on the foreheads of Indian women
France for American’s laughing at their military
PETA for all the barbeque restaurants in the south
everyone on the planet except those mean, white, male, Christians who are responsible for every evil on earth since the beginning of mankind.