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In January, Microsoft announced it’s very first mass layoffs when they eliminated 5,000 U.S. jobs. Quietly, Microsoft was still investing and hiring new workers in India.

Now, several tech & business sources are reporting that Microsoft is going to eliminate up to 3,600 more U.S. jobs.

Yet, Microsoft is still paying dozens of lawyers to lobby Congress for more H-1B visas for cheap foreign tech workers. Bill Gates has testified dozens of times in front of the U.S. House and Senate in an effort to get Congress to approve more H-1B foreign workers. Despite, the January job cuts and the expected 3,600 coming later this year, Bill Gates is still scheduled to testify before Congress that they should totally eliminate the current annual H-1B cap of 65,000. Bill Gates wants an unlimited number of foreign tech workers to flood our market so that they can eliminate more U.S. workers and hire more cheap foreign labor mostly from China and India.

Despite our struggling economy, leaders from the Democratic party support bringing in more foreign tech workers to displace U.S. workers and bring down wages of those U.S. tech workers that are lucky enough to keep their jobs.

The Democrats and moderate Republicans are horrible on this issue. During the campaign trail, then Senator Obama supported bringing in more U.S. tech workers. Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Fred Thompson, John McCain, and Ron Paul all went on record with interviews that stated they were ok with bringing in more cheap foreign H-1B visa holders.

We will continue to watch this issue and call on everyone to call / email the clowns in congress when this is close to coming up for a vote again.

We need to stand by American workers. We need to strive for American self-reliance.

Washington can shove its globalist agenda.