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Apparently, Janet Napolitano, who is the secretary of Homeland Security, is coming up with her own vocabulary. First, she decided that the word “terrorism” has not been used in its correct form over the last few years. So she decided to replace all use of the word “terrorism” coming from her office with the words “man-made disaster.” She said in an interview that her not mentioning “terrorism” will help move the US away from the fear factor associated with “terrorism.” Huh? It doesn’t matter what you call it, Janet, it is still something that the American people will not stand for. Know why? Cause it invokes TERROR.

Flash back- this is the same U.S. official that told CNN that “crossing the US border is not a crime per se.” Our secretary of Homeland Security appeared to be clueless when asked about U.S. immigration laws. Doesn’t her office MAKE these laws yet she is unaware of them? hmmmmm

Now back to present day, Napolitano has decided to refer to the Swine Flu as the “H1N1 virus.” Apparently, the use of word “Swine” is causing the pig market to decline.

Hey Janet, if everyone dies from the Swine Flu- No one is going to be buying pig any way. Why don’t you quit writing your dictionary and actually protect our borders so that the American people may have a chance to fight this disease. Just a thought…