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The Obama administration is still refusing to put any limits on the number of border crossings or flights from Mexico due to the Swine flu. They don’t want to hurt the feelings of the Mexican people and the Mexican government. They don’t want to slow the flood of cheap Mexican products and illegal workers across our border. And they don’t want to do anything that will point out that we have borders and a national interest. They want us to get used to having the borders open under every and all circumstances.

Let’s set illegal immigration aside for a moment. And just focus on legal border crossings and flights to the U.S. out of Mexico. It isn’t saying anything bad about Mexico if we tighten things up while a flu is spreading. Air Canada just announced that it is canceling most service to and from Mexico. I’m glad that someone is using some common sense. Many European countries are beginning to ban travel to Mexico.

During Mr. Obama’s press conference last night, the President basically said that there is no need to close the border because we already have people here in the U.S. with the swine flu. He said something like, “closing the border now is like closing the barn doors after the horses have already run out.”

All the horses are NOT out of the barn Mr. President! When a limited number of horses run out of the barn, you close the barn door so that the rest of the horses can’t run out. Then you try to contain those that escape until you can round them up. It is much easier to round up four horses or cows than it is to try to round up 40 horses or cows.

So, sure we have folks here that have swine flu. But, it is much easier to try to deal with and try to contain a few hundred cases or even a few thousand cases of swine flu than it is to try to contain tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of cases.

Everyday planes packed full of people are leaving Mexico City and arriving in the United States. Mexico City is ground zero of the swine flu. It makes no sense to possibly allow thousands upon thousands of potential swine flu carriers to enter our country.

The lone death in the U.S. due to swine flu was a young baby that was brought here by the parents from Mexico. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that many more Mexican citizens are also trying to get into the United States for better and freer medical care to combat the flu. Each of those folks are likely coming into contact with thousands of American citizens that had not been exposed to the swine flu previously. It is just COMMON SENSE to want to limit the number of infected people. If fact, it is the responsibility of our government to protect it’s citizens in these situations.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Political gain and political correctness should be set aside when it comes to the well being of the American people.

The White House has already muzzled V.P. Joe Biden this morning because he said that he wouldn’t recommend traveling on planes or subways. The White House said that Biden meant if you were sick you shouldn’t travel. Of course, that is not what the V.P. said. He said that he would not recommend anyone travel on a plane because it only takes one person to sneeze and that sneeze spreads through the whole plane. He was recommending healthy people not travel.

Sure, we don’t want to cause a panic. But, allowing the barn doors to remain wide open and an attempt to allow the rest of the horses to escape is much more likely to cause a panic than is taking the common sense approach of taking some control of the situation and easing people’s fears by taking some preventative action.

Action is past due. We need to halt all flights out of Mexico coming into the U.S. We need to tighten things up at the border crossings and ports of entry.

It is not mean spirited or picking on Mexico. It is a common sense precaution to protect the American people. Somewhere along the way, our leaders in Washington forgot that they are to protect the American interest, not the North American Union interest.