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Here we go again.

Globalist President Barack Obama is beginning his push today to give the estimated 20+ million illegal foreign nationals in our country citizenship to further his social engineering agenda.

With millions of Americans struggling to find work in our declining economy, Obama wants to keep these low wage foreign nationals here to compete with American workers. This will further drive down wages and keep many Americans from gaining employment.

Just the announcement by the Obama administration that they are seeking “comprehensive immigration reform” will result in an increase in the flood of illegals crossing our southern border. Over 1.5 million illegals are already crossing our southern border every year.

The Obama administration has already stopped immigration officers from performing raids on businesses employing illegal workers. Illegal workers caught from past raids are being given work visas by the Obama administration that will eventually lead to citizenship.

Amnesty and the increase in illegal immigration will further:

* Decrease wages for American workers.
* Raise unemployment for American workers.
* Threaten and close hundreds of hospitals that struggle to afford free healthcare to illegal foreign nationals.
* Threaten the water supply in the American southwest.
* Increase the already unsustainable population growth rate.
* Threaten hundreds of endangered species that are being wiped out by the flood of people coming across our fragile southwest ecosystems.
* Send the United States into overall further decline.
* Increase our use and dependence on foreign oil and other energy sources.
* Increase the cars on our already overcrowded roads and highways.
* Sink our public schools into faster decline.
* Deny more admissions spots to more qualified American students in our colleges and Universities.

I can go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

The United States has always been called a melting pot. America today is not a melting pot. Instead, it is more like a tossed salad full of different cultures that are not mixing or melting together. That is what happens when a government allows an unsustainable flood of illegal foreign nationals an open door. When you allow a common sense immigration policy with sustainable entry numbers then the new arrivals have no choice but to blend in and assimilate into our culture. When the door is wide open, the number of new arrivals do not have to assimilate.

You might want to stick your head in the sand and ignore this issue. But, it is not going to just go away. It is only going to get worse unless you decide to take a stand.

A nation’s immigration policy is NOT meant to hinge upon our desire to help poor people in other nations. A nation’s immigration policy has to be determined upon what is in our national interest. Watch the immigration gumballs video on my profile if you think we can end poverty by letting the world’s poor come here.

America still has a national interest! Despite what the media and the globalist diversity agenda idiots in Washington tell you.

The hispanic and to some extend the african & african-american ethnocentric interest groups aren’t always for an open door policy. While, they are lobbying Congress and the White House to allow an open door border policy and give citizenship to all that are here illegally, they do make some notable exceptions. These groups are calling for the U.S. to further limit or stop new citizenship to Europeans and Australians. You can be living in extreme poverty or be a vicitim of war or a natural disaster and they don’t want you. So, their agenda is not to help those that are poor and need a boost. This is simply just an extension of their globalist, diversity and social engineering agenda.

If our immigration policy was truly focused on poverty, then they would deny most of the people coming from Mexico, Central & South America since most of the world’s poorest come from Africa. But, they want people from specifically hispanic nations.

There agenda trumps any concerns that they have for the American worker. These clowns in Washington D.C. are more concerned with being global citizens and pleasing everyone (almost everyone) that they are willing to stomp upon America’s strengths and America’s future.

We are in decline.

Amnesty will send us even further in decline.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the decline?

Search yourself and you will feel it.

The globalization army is on the march. We are at war and most of us are unaware of it.

Are you tired of this yet?