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The Obama administration ups the assault on the American worker. CNBC announced this morning that the total national jobless claims in this country officially reached over 5.7 million Americans. That doesn’t include the estimated extra million jobless Americans not included in the official numbers. With that in mind, consider this: The Obama administration recently gave work visas to illegal immigrant workers caught in ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids.

In a Feb. 24th raid at an auto parts plant in Bellingham, Washington, ICE netted 28 illegal foreign nationals. A short time later, 1 of those foreign nationals was deported and the remaining 27 were given EAD’s and released near where they were picked up.

The EAD is a common work visa that is usually given to people seeking Green cards and/or Citizenship. The EAD visas normally expires after 12 months. The Obama DHS says that these visas will not last the entire year. However, as someone who is familiar with EAD’s, I can tell you that almost all EAD holders stay in the United States after their visa expires even if they are denied a Green card or Citizenship. Basically, they usually just go back to the illegal status and remain working in the United States.

Ethnocentric interest and lobbying groups across the country are applauding the new policies of the Obama administration, especially DHS sec. Janet Napolitano.

Since this raid, the Obama administration ordered a freeze on all illegal foreign nationals.

This policy is one more assault on the American worker and the future of our nation. This type of policy will only result in MORE illegal foreign nationals entering our country.

Within 3 days of this raid and as news spread in the community, the Bellingham, Washington auto plant recieved over 150 applications from legal American citizens in the community who are struggling to find work. And that was within just the first 3 days. The unemployment rate in that county has been steadily rising over the past year. Yet, Obama and his administration continue to give jobs over to illegal foreign nationals. Can we not take care of our own people first? Why does Obama continue to aid the American unemployment rates?