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I am sure that most of you have already heard about the photo-op fly over of the Air Force One plane. Besides doing a poor job of communicating to NY officials and citizens about the fly over and besides the fact that the whole thing was stupid, insensitive and demonstrates that someone was out of touch, the whole episode was incredibly wasteful.

The cost of flying Air Force One is $50,000. per hour. The plane was in the air for several hours to make the flight to NYC. Apparently, the White House wanted pictures to give to visitors for souvenirs. It turns out that Air Force One has it’s own public relations office in addition to the White House public relations office. At least 3 dozen government workers were involved in the photo shoot. The bottom line is that no matter what they were doing, it was costing you, the taxpayer, money.

These Air Force public relations positions should be eliminated asap.

Why are we throwing away money and jet fuel on a Photo-Op when our government is in record unsustainable debt and our economy is in a deep recession?

Obama promised to go line-by-line through all government expenditures and eliminate all wasteful spending and this wasteful exercise came directly from the White House Military office.