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An estimated 2,000 illegal immigrants are coming across our southern border EVERY SINGLE DAY from Mexico. Just closing the border will not stop illegal immigration just as that alone will not stop the illegal sex trade & the illegal drug trade. That is why in regards to illegal immigration, we need to end the magnets that draw them here.

We need to stop the benefits and the free handouts. If illegal foreign nationals cannot get free health care, welfare or a job then most of them will not come here and many will leave. Employers must be the main target. They must get fined heavily and after a couple fines, then they loose their business license. They will stop hiring the cheap foreign workers if they are faced with losing their whole business. Giving out green cards or citizenship is no solution at all. If you legalize 20 million illegals, then you will have 20 million more in a few years. Then 20 million more after that group. Where do you draw the line? 20 million? 60 million? 100 million? 200 million, 300 million?

Our population growth is unsustainable economically and environmentally. Our freeways are already overcrowded. Our waterways are already too polluted. Our schools are already overcrowded and failing. Our prisons are already filled. Our health care system is already broke. Will adding 20 or 200 million more people (65% of which do not even have a high school diploma) help our country and help our current problems? Of course everyone knows that they will hurt our country and make our current problems much worse. The problem is admitting it. And that is difficult to admit for many people because most of the illegal foreign nationals flooding into our nation are “brown”. That is what people can’t get past.

It is time to get past our fear of hurting people’s feelings and take some pragmatic action to stop this flood of unsustainable population growth. The “we are a nation of immigrants” is an old argument that doesn’t quite fit for today. Our population numbers are much higher. American was once a melting pot, but now it is more like a tossed salad. The rate of new arrivals is so fast that people are no longer assimilating into society.

As times change, our policies must change. The inflexible tree snaps in the wind, the flexible tree capable of adjusting to changing circumstances will bed with the wind and survive. We can’t stubbornly cling to the old “we are a nation of immigrants, let’s let everyone in” mindset. That tree is going to snap. Times have changed and our policies in regards to illegal immigration must change.

Each nation’s immigration policy is designed to benefit the country and protect our society. Allowing everyone to flood into this country that wants to come here is irresponsible and suicidal at best. Without out borders, we have no country. The United States allows more LEGAL immigration each year than any country in the world. We accept more legal immigrants than all of the EU countries combined. No other country is more generous when it comes to immigration than the United States.

Wanting a sane and common sense limit to illegal immigration is not too much to ask. It is not our responsibility to help all the folks that want to come here. In fact, if we do not impose some kind of limits or controls on illegal immigration, our country will continue to sink. At the current numbers, you will not be able to recognize our nation in another 60-80 years. Our world power status will be long gone. Our economy will be in the toilet. Too many people seem to think that if we allow everyone to come into our country that wants to that we will be lifting them all up. In reality, what we are doing is sinking our country. Just as free trade policies hurt us the most, so do an open and free immigration policy. With our current policies, we only have one direction to go.

As I’ve said before, now is the time to be selfish.