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We are waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on the New Haven White Firefighters reverse discrimination/affirmative action case. The City of New Haven, CT. denied promotion to 19 White firefighters and 1 Hispanic firefighter who passed the promotion exam because all of the Black firefighters failed the test.

There has been no evidence that the test was unfair. The city simply didn’t get the results that they wanted and so they decided to discriminate against the white firefighters that passed the test. As I have posted before, so many of our elected officials at the local, state and national level are more concerned with their social engineering agenda than they are for what is best for their town, state or our nation.

I stand with the New Haven firefighters and am proud to say so. We are especially proud of one of those firefighters, Frank Ricci. Frank had a dream, his American dream. He loves firefighting more than anything and he wanted to achieve that rank that was right there in front of him if he just passed the test.

Frank has dyslexia. He quit his second job so that he could spend all of his time studying for the exam. When Frank Ricci wasn’t on a run or working around the firehouse, he was studying for the test. All witnesses testified that Frank was studying 10 – 13 hours a day leading up to the exam.

Frank’s hard work and incredible desire paid off. He went into that test and passed it! Frank reached high and grabbed his own American Dream. Well, the city of New Haven ripped Frank’s dream away from him. The actions of the city are disgusting and these brave firefighters deserve better. These men should not be punished because the test didn’t further the social engineering agenda of today’s globalist, corporate party.

It is time that we stand up to this assault by the globalist – social engineering agenda. This is happening all around the country at an accelerated pace.

It is ok America to proudly stand with Frank Ricci. He should not be punished just because his family roots come from Italy. It is ok America to proudly stand with the 19 White and 1 Hispanic firefighter that deserve promotions.