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I just had the unfortunate experience of watching the intro video for the Copenhagen Global Warming Circle Jerk. Because of an unusually solid constitution I was able to hold down this morning’s beans and rice, but just barely.

The scary-stuff-happening-to-the-cute-little-girl-and-her-teddy-bear alarmism would be a tragic joke if the makers of the film and the sponsors of the hot air circus weren’t so deeply allied with policy makers all over the civilized world. It’s as if an army of sandal- shod REPENT NOW THE END IS NEAR fruitcakes have taken over the machinery of world government.

The tragedy for the globe and its people is that the warmist Armageddon agenda  fits so neatly with a garden variety lust for power common to politicians everywhere. The more the notion takes hold that “something must be done RIGHT NOW” the less likely it will be that the beneficiaries of all the power and money necessary to save the world will take a serious look at the crappy science behind man-made global warming.

Global warming science is hardly science at all. The Climategate emails show beyond a doubt that the original data was jiggered to maximize global warming grant money, then destroyed. The ‘scientists’ involved in producing the core data on which governments the world over rely simply changed the data ‘to hide the decline’ in temperature. They either left stuff out or just changed the numbers to make it look like the earth is toast and humans are running the toaster.

The fraudulent data supposedly demonstrate that “it’s the humans, stupid” who are causing the world to warm at an alarming and ultimately suicidal rate. This is what the data must show from the point of view of the global warming scientists.  If the warming were to turn out to be untrue, or natural, something that has happened many times in the past and is very unlikely to wipe out life as we know it, who would support the massive meddling that governments the world over are planning to fight global warming?  Who would fund multi-billion dollar studies of the weather? If the earth warms and cools naturally in regular cycles, global warming scientists would have to go back to being just weathermen.

Weathermen have a hard time predicting rain for the weekend with any certainty. Who in their right mind would give up driving and electricity based on their prediction of a two degree change in temperature in 100 years?

As it turns out, much of what the scientists are hiding involves the regular temperature changes that have occurred in the past. Al Gore opened his movie An Inconvenient Truth with the now famous “hockey stick” chart. This is the chart on which much of man-made global warming rests. Here it is:


It goes back to the year 1000 and shows no significant warming trends before the industrial age. But Dr. Mann, the creator of the chart, simply left out what is known to honest scientists as the Medieval Warm Period.  And his chart conveniently didn’t go back far enough to show other warming periods in Roman and pre-historic times. Take a look at this chart:

NOA IceCoreChart1

Temperatures have been much warmer in the past than they are now. They have turned up as dramatically as they do on Mann’s “hockey stick” chart many times and the world hasn’t ended.

Climate changes in the past were not caused by anything people did. People are highly unlikely to be causing any climate change we may be experiencing now. Any current climate change is equally unlikely to trigger global cataclysm, and if it does, there’s nothing we can do about it. As a result of the Climategate emails Mann’s chart is receiving the kind of attention it deserves and is being dumped by serious scientists for the fraud it is. A good deal more needs to be done to overcome the tremendous momentum that the idea of anthropogenic global warming has accumulated.

I don’t expect Al Gore or the many thousands of his minions who are so heavily invested in global warming alarmism to acknowledge the truth and stop working to move humanity back to the Stone Age.

I am confident, however, that ordinary people like my readers are more likely to be sensible to the truth. I am also confident that people like my readers will resent being duped by grant grubbers, rent-seekers, and the pseudo science of global warming beneficiaries who live like royalty on money extorted from taxpayers and gullible donors in the name of saving the earth.

I’m hoping we resent it enough to put a stop to massive swindles like “Cap and Trade” and “Carbon Credits” which are nothing more than scams designed to transfer wealth from the people who produce it to green alarmists and their political allies.