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This from Gonzalo Lira’s Blog:

Police StateI lived in Chile during the
Pinochet dictatorship – I can spot a fascist police-state when I see

The United States is a fascist police-state.

Harsh words – incendiary, even. And none too clever of me, to use such
language: Time was, the crazies and reactionaries wearing tin-foil hats
who flung around such a characterization of the United States were
disqualified by sensible people as being hysterical nutters – rightfully so.

But with yesterday’s Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project
decision (No.
08-1498, also 09-89
) of the Supreme Court, coupled with last week’s Arar
v. Ashcroft
denial of certiorari (No.
), the case for claiming that the U.S. is a fascist
police-state just got a whole lot stronger.

First of all, what is a “fascist police-state”?

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The Supremes have made it official, the feds can designate anything they want as a terrorist organization, then your support of that organization makes you a terrorist. Q.E.D.