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It’s been interesting here in Lexington these last couple of days. In case you live under a rock, there was an “altercation” Monday night at the KET debate with Rand Paul and Jack Conway.

I will tell you what I saw and what happened and how the situation was when I left the scene at approx. 7:45.
Here’s the scene at KET on Monday night at approximately 7:30, 30 minutes after the “incident.” I went up to Marsha Foster who has a broken foot and it was deliberately stepped on and was bleeding horribly. I was standing about 3 feet from where Lauren Valle was on the curb where the cops had told her not to move. A police officer came over to the handful of us that were standing there with Marsha. I asked the cop what was going on. The police officer pointed to Valle and her male companion and said “These two are going to jail for giving police officers fake identification.” Since we were only feet away from Valle, she piped up and said very snottily “I told you I would get you my real ID if you will let me go to my car.”
When I left Monday night at around 7:45, Tim Profitt had already talked to the cops and they had a pad of paper. I’m pretty sure they were getting his information. (For the record, I have not talked to Profitt.) I left the scene with Valle in handcuffs and Tim talking to the police.
So imagine my astonishment when the Lexington Division of Police issued this statement yesterday:
“The Lexington Division of Police has identified a suspect in connection to the October 25, 2010 assault of a woman at 600 Cooper Drive.
On the 25th, at approximately 7:00p.m., officers were alerted to an active assault at 600 Cooper Drive (Kentucky Educational Television Studios). 
Officers responded to the scene of the assault and made contact with the victim. She identified herself as a member of and stated she was assaulted while attempting to take a picture with candidate Rand Paul. Division of Police patrol officers took an assault report and forwarded the case to the Division of Police Bureau of Investigation.
Today, October 26, 2010, detectives identified the suspect, involved in the assault, as Tim Profitt. Mr. Profitt is currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a Fayette County District Court Judge.”
What?!?! The Police were 10 feet away and they told me that she and her partner gave them false ID’s which were backed up by Valle herself.
Ok rewind to before the “incident”…
Conway pulled up at about 6:55 and the Conway people started their chanting and there were some boos from some Rand supporters, but Conway was allowed to pass freely. Rand pulled up and a lot of the Conway people rushed in and a lot of the nearby Paul people rushed in to hold up signs and make a path so Rand wasn’t crushed or jostled.  It quickly turned into a hotbed where they can incite violence.
The police had refused to heed at least two prior warnings about this woman and stood by watching as the outside agitator element of the Conway crowd crushed in on Rand.  It was the perfect storm with all the bad elements conspiring to create the charged emotions that led to this snippet of shock video.
Rand supporters had twice pulled Valle from the window of Dr. Paul’s vehicle. They apparently used less forceful means to detain her twice before, and both times she had evaded them and continued running toward Rand, and she was now about five feet away.
Rand is one week away from being our US senator.  If this crazy acting woman gets up again, she will be on top of Rand.  Profitt has no idea if she is armed with a sign, or a rude comment, or a knife, or a pistol, or a suicide bomb vest.  Her behavior indicated that she was operating well outside the realm of rational behavior.  Remember, she was dressed in a wig with a fake ID and “I’m a Rand Fan” stickers all over her.
It’s being reported as a Rand Paul supporter stomped on the head of a woman from, and the camera angles in most of the news reports make it look like her head or neck was directly involved.  Tim’s foot was on her shoulder, not her head or neck, but what he did was obviously wrong.  I’d characterize a stomp as raising a foot and rapidly propelling it downward for maximum force.  This was more like a shove with a foot, but it’s a “stomp” to the media because that’s more provocative.
Pause the video at :14 seconds and Tim’s foot is obviously placed about a foot away from Valle’s head.  It’s amazing that the media can show video of a shoulder shove and call it a head stomp and that makes it a head stomp.  And of course, pointing out these obvious facts, even with an “I’m not justifying anyone’s actions” disclaimer, and you’re inundated with “UR justifying stomping on teh womans head!?!” replies.
The  woman was paid to be there.  Valle, originally from Massachusetts and more recently from DC, was paid by to be there and do this, and she has a long history of stunts like this including a recent felony charge for defacing a ship used in the BP spill.  She was arrested for trespassing in a “critical infrastructure” area or something to that effect as part of a recent Greenpeace protest against BP during the oil spill.  It was a felony charge, which would be some serious trespassing. Greenpeace just yesterday posted a story on titled “A few words in support of Lauren Valle and professional agitators everywhere.”
What Lexington saw Monday night was a standard operating procedure straight out of the handbooks of, SEIU, Acorn, etc. Suddenly, the outside paid agitator doesn’t look like the innocent victim.  It was good that Profitt explained that Valle had twice escaped to continue her mad run at Rand and they had tried more than once to get the police to stop her and they allowed her to continue her nutty and possibly dangerous behavior. Valle acted like a deranged suicide bomber and was not behaving like any sane and rational person would behave.
Watch the video below and pause it at:
:08 — you see that it is Profitt yelling to get the cops;
:11 — you see Lauren Valle with an eerie smile that was entirely inappropriate to the situation;
:14 — you see that the shoe was on her shoulder and not her head.
This “incident” was organized and orchestrated to generate sympathetic emotional support for a candidate who is unable to generate any without help.

UPDATE: Sherelle Roberts, Spokesperson for the Lexington Division of Police, has confirmed with me that Valle and her partner did in fact give the officers on scene false information including name and address.

Why would a “victim” of an assault give a police officer a fake name and address?