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Rand Paul is the “Tea Party Darling” as seen by all mainstream media. He was elected as a Tea Party candidate that ran on fiscal conservatism and a balanced budget and ending the federal out-of-control spending that is daily bankrupting our children.

Rand has stuck by his word and has been moving and shaking in Washington. We are just barely out of January and Rand has streamlined the issue of earmarks and the unconstitutionality of Obamacare and also bringing light back to the issue of murder (aka abortion) in supporting “life begins at conception.” So rock and roller Rand has now introduced a bill that would cut 500 billion dollars in spending cuts from our federal budget. I was quoted here last week in the Herald Leader supporting Rand’s proposal.

Rand ran on this issue as one of his main talking points. Actually it was his main talking point. His message of cutting spending resonated with Tea Partiers all over the country. The country united over the shared idea that Washington was spending too much and bankrupting our children.

Rand is doing exactly what he said he would do and exactly what Kentuckians voted him in to office to do. And guess how many of our fearless Republicans have signed on to support Rand and his sending cuts bill??? ZERO. Nada. Not one to be found.

Where’s our fearless leader Mitch McConnell? Where’s Jim Demint? Jim endorsed Rand and came to Kentucky to support him. Where’s Jim at? He’s too busy making public statements about how he’s not attending CPAC this year because they invited a gay conservative group.

“He hopes to attend a unified CPAC next year,” DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton announced on Wednesday.”

Seriously Jim? Boycotting CPAC because of gay republicans? Yea, you have your priorities straight alright. Why don’t you join Rand in his bill to cut spending and actually stand up for something worth some merit? Our country is in a huge deficit shortfall and you’re making statements about a conservative group of gays?

People ask me all the time why I am a Republican and bash Republicans so much. THIS is why. I don’t expect anything out of liberals. They are tax and spend politicians and they make no apologies for it. Republicans are suppose to be the party of smaller government. It irks at my very core when elected Republican representatives tear the R name apart and do nothing but sit by and watch Rand Paul be a lone ranger on the forefront trying to get our fiscal house in order.

Shame on every Republican in Congress for not getting behind Rand’s bill! Shame on you! Jump aisles or jump ship. The Tea Party will come for you next.