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Let’s get in the way back machine…OK not that way back, but just after the primary. Below is an interview with Russia Today and Rand Paul. Along the 2:05 to 2:40 mark Rand is asked a question about the next step for the TEA Party and this was Rand’s response:“I think the TEA Party needs a more defined message.” He went on to talk about how the TEA Parties are in separate locations and that they are not one cohesive unit yet; however, there was talk of having a Convention* among the TEA Parties and that Rand encouraged this concept.

Now I am sure there is debate amongst the TEA Party as to how much or little cooperation, cohesion, and leadership is needed or wanted; nonetheless, considering how well the political elites from both parties have worked to usurp the Constitution it would be a good move to be somewhat coordinated, yet still retain each groups sovereignty. Ron Paul felt this was necessary as he created the Campaign For Liberty right after his election and I personally see that organization as the antithesis to Obama’s Organizing For America. Rand has stated in his campaign that he would like to see a TEA Party Platform, much of which is based on what he and other TEA Party candidates ran on. He along with Mike Lee and Jim DeMint formed the TEA Party Caucus when they got to Washington D.C.

So now I have a few questions to ask. Before I do that though I want to make it clear I love Rand and what he is doing, he is keeping his word, holding feet to the fire and shaking things up in Washington D.C. and across the U.S. My question though is where is he in the Governor’s Race here in Kentucky? Every TEA Party group/Take Back Kentucky/C4L & 912** here in Kentucky that I am aware of has sided with Phil Moffett. We are acting cohesively yet Rand has remained neutral. Rand had Phil introduce him at CPAC and he came to Frankfort for the whole Williams Con Con debacle. I guess he thinks he did his part for both and that he was not going to do what McConnell did to him.

Here’s the difference, McConnell is the establishment, there was no doubt who he was backing and he showed his colors in the end, trying to give Trey Grayson one last hail marry. Now Rand seems to want to keep his “powder dry” as he so rightly accused Jack Conway of doing in the last election, and for what? Does David Williams, represent Rand’s views? Maybe in rhetoric, but not in actions. In fact Williams is the exact opposite of Rand. A Williams loss would send and even stronger message to the establishment that the TEA Party is taking the Republican party, Kentucky, and country back to the Constitution. So it should be an easy choice as Phil is practically a replica of Rand when it comes to principles and ideas on Constitutional government. What makes this worse though for a lot of Rand supporters and now Phil backers is they busted their butts for him before anyone in this state knew who he was. That is the difference between the Senate election and this Governors race and why Rand should not remain silent.

Where’s the more defined message?

*A Convention was held in the Fall in Northern Kentucky called the Freedom Liberty Conference, and there are plans to have another next year, most likely in Louisville.

**While these groups have decided not to officially endorse in races, it is apparent that most members and groups of these two organizations support Phil Moffett