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David Williams has gotten a ton of publicity for his gubernatorial campaign because he is an incumbent politician. That’s fair because he is directly responsible for many of the taxes and all of the debt Kentucky taxpayers face today and will face in the years ahead.

And we already know about his pension scandal.

There is another scandal about to break on Williams because of the advertising he has gotten for having a public building in Corbin named after him. It’s The Arena at the David L. Williams Southeastern Kentucky Agricultural and Exposition Center.

Read the state’s campaign finance laws and tell me why Williams should be allowed to use public money to advertise himself to Kentucky voters like this:

“The Arena” has been a huge money pit the last few years and Williams was right there from the beginning offering this up as a great way to spend money we don’t have on arenas we don’t need. It’s adding insult to injury to make taxpayers pay for him to build his name ID like this.

It’s just another reason the Tea Party will never support David Williams. The urgency for all patriotic Kentuckians to support Phil Moffett just keeps growing.