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Hello everyone I am William, introduced to you earlier by Mica. I hope to be a help and provide insight for this blog, the TEA Party movement and for the cause of Liberty and the Constitution while here. Below is my first post; hope you enjoy and I am ready to hear from you.

Many in the TEA Party were upset with Rand Paul when he decided to stand with David Williams on the issue of a Constitutional Convention as a way to get a Balanced Budget Amendment, even though it is generally agreed that the federal budget does need to be balanced.

However, there was some good that came of it, and that was proving the right and the left wrong about the TEA Party, once again. The Republicans and Democrats thought we were “astro-turf” for the Republican party and that we did their bidding. Well, “RINO Idol” David Williams was surprised to learn, again (he just ain’t getting it is he?) that even after hijacking one of our most beloved political stars in Rand Paul and one of his most important issues, a balanced budget, that we would not roll over for him.

Rand also learned this lesson first hand, as we let him hear about it, a lot, and were there to oppose it. We said we would hold our elected officials accountable, Republicans and Rand included, and we have, and we will. Rand realizes this and took the opposition civilly saying that “even good people can disagree.

What the left also learned is that there can be common ground amongst TEA Partiers to work with, and that we are real people with real concerns and principles, wanting to hold our government accountable. The Democrats in the committee hearing echoed many of our sentiments and other liberal organizations came out in opposition as well. Liberal organizations such as Kentuckians for the Commonwealth and the Unions as reported in the Herald-Leader.

The TEA Party is here to stay and we are a force to be reckoned with. Even when things don’t not look like it is going our way, there maybe something good to be learned from it, not just for the TEA Party but for everyone, as the old cliche goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”