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Congratulations to Congress and the President for finally coming up with a Budget. The American public are so proud to have you all as our leaders. Much sarcasm intended.

In actuality this budget is pretty pathetic and not much was cut. President Obama stated something to the affect that our budget should not be a battle over social issues but about finances. This statement was made due to Republicans departing from normal TEA Party standards of sticking mainly to fiscal issues during this budget battle. The Republicans tried to include the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, which failed. Now there have been those that say the TEA Party is more about fiscal issues and that we should fight the social ones later, everyone needs to put their social issues aside until we get our fiscal house in order.

In the past I would have agreed and to some degree still do with that sentiment. However, I am not so inclined to do so every time a social issue comes into question at the Federal level and here’s why.

During this whole process the fear of a government shut-down ensued. Democrats were throwing whatever mud they could to the wall to see what would stick. Pretty much everything from woman’s “health” to the environment would be deleteriously affected. People would go without jobs or food, college students would not get funding, the sciences and arts would be hurt too. Heck people could not even go on vacation because the National Parks would be closed. I could go on but I think you get the picture. Just about every aspect of our society would have been harmed one way or another if the government had to shut-down.

Many Republicans labeled this as fear-mongering and to a degree they are correct. However, truth be told these Democrats gave the country a reality check in their attempted fear-mongering. Every aspect of society would be harmed by a government shut-down to some degree and there in lies the problem.

Government shut-downs should not affect the everyday lives of citizens as government should not be involved in the everyday lives of it’s citizens. We were not like this when this country was founded and we were not like this for quite some time afterward. Unfortunately a cradle to grave mentality has crept into our society and by and large we can’t do many things with out government permission of some kind or governmental affect on our lives.

Both parties Republican and Democrat have instituted social programs and laws of some sort at the Federal level, something the Federal government is not supposed to be involved in if you read the Constitution. Yet how are we to be expected to get our fiscal house in order if we are not to address the social issues that have been implemented? Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid are the Big 3. Then of course we have welfare, unemployment, food stamps, faith based initiatives, housing programs, education programs, farm subsidies, environmental subsidies, and other miscellaneous “health” programs like Planned Parenthood, again I could go on but I think you get my point.

We keep getting excuse after excuse as to why we should not mess with this or that in the budget. Can’t touch the military budget cause of terrorism. We can’t touch pork because it’s too small anyway. We can’t go after social issues cause people will be harmed in some manner or another. Medicare and Social Security are so huge we don’t know what to do with them, so let’s just keep kicking those two cans down the road. To manage all this stuff we need a huge bureaucracy that hires many people and issues many triplicate reports at minimum most of which never get read. But if we get rid of these things then we will lose jobs and people will go hungry.

With all do respect to Rep. Paul Ryan, but a budget for 2040, seriously! I don’t care how many cuts you have we need them NOW not LATER. We won’t be around in the U.S. as we know it today if we stretch the budget solutions out that long.

We have two more opportunities to get this thing back on track here in the near future. The vote to raise the Debt Ceiling which must not happen. Sure pending Financial Armageddon will happen if we don’t …OR… we could just not spend as much money any more, but then that will cause another Financial Armageddon. However, we can try and balance the 2012 budget in about 5 months….yeah right, we just got the 2011 budget after not having one for about 2 years.

So either way we go, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. That’s the reality check coming to this nation because of how out of hand we have let Washington D.C. get. Despite what fiscal pain might occur I would rather take the option that does not rely on generational theft but one that requires hard work, sacrifice, honesty and independent freedoms and liberties exercised.