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Back on March 3rd I wrote the blog post “A More Defined Message” in which Rand Paul was wanting to see a clear direction the TEA Party needed to go in and was a bit critical of Rand’s position of not taking a position in the Kentucky’s Governor race for either RINO David Williams or TEA Party candidate Phil Moffett.

Lately there has been more rumbling and frustration within the Liberty Movement about the fact that we have still not heard anything and that Ron Paul is promoting a Moneybomb for Rep Justin Amash (good TEA Party Representative and we need more like him) and then later a Presidential Debate Day Moneybomb on the 5th of May with Liberty PAC. Now these are both good things; however neither are elections that are coming up in the near future. Kentucky is the only state to have a Liberty Candidate running for Governor in a year that there are only 3 such races going on across the Nation.

As the pendulum swings though there have been a call for caution against being critical of the Paul’s as they have done a lot in the past and are doing a lot now. Both Rand and Ron are doing real good jobs up in Washington D.C. and no one questions their dedication to bring Constitutional principles back to our government. There are all kinds of arguments to be made both ways, but I am not going to delve into the plethora of issues that consists of as this would be entirely too long. However, there needs to be a few things all sides need to realize and that hopefully a middle ground can be reached. I have been involved with conversations or at least privy to the arguments made and each time I hear one’s argument I listen, sometimes I offer a counter and sometimes I don’t, the point is though I find myself on both sides of the fence. Now normally I don’t like fence sitting, but if we are an honest judge of life and how to operate in it we all do it from time to time and while many of us would love a black and white world it is in the gray that we do the most learning cause everyone’s black and white is different

So here is what the factions on this issue should understand.

Ron and Rand – You can’t do this on your own, you know this and we know this so make the right decision and endorse Phil Moffett.

“All that is needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

Now Williams is not evil and the Paul’s have not done nothing, but in this instance the sentiment applies. We have an opportunity for great success with an executive level office to get a real Liberty candidate in, not the status quo in Williams.

Paul Bashers (Those that support the Paul’s but are fed up with the inaction) – Practice patience, Phil could win this thing or he could lose it but that does not stop the Liberty Movement. We are going to go through trials and this will test our faith in what we believe. Having patience is being able to persevere. Is the Liberty Movement going to go on or is it not? Sure we may fall down on this, but what has the TEA Party been saying this whole time about the economy. We need to fail so we can learn. Well we all know Rand’s victory was not easy and nor did we expect it to be easy again with Phil, in fact we expected it to be harder in some regards and easier in others. However, if we fail here, is the game over or are we just taking a TO to figure out what went wrong and how to make it better this time?

Sure it is understandable that there is a time and place for everything. Some things would make other things better an easier and so expediency or bending of the rules or normal behavior is desired. We can petition but at the end of the day if we are unheard, we just have to keep trucking and doing what we know we can do and not depend on outside sources.

Paul Apologists – Yes you are right that this will probably get us nowhere in the long run at least the way we are acting. However, understand that yes their is something owed to the constituency, voters, and grassroots that put them in the positions they are in. They did not get there on their own. Sure we don’t expect blanket endorsements of every TEA Party candidate but some times an individual candidate and situation needs to be evaluated and after such evaluation elevated to a higher level of importance. I’ll say it again we have a real opportunity to do something great here in Kentucky. Also accept that sometimes constructive criticism is needed and that people are human and will get a little wound up from time to time. It’s best to get it out and be done with it, not keep it in and fester, but we must know when to shut that valve off.

The irony is the Paul’s know what they should be doing, and the Bashers and Appologists have been on both sides of that spectrum, I know I have been both a Basher and and Apologist of the Paul’s. I am sure that despite my request to find a middle ground my human nature will cause me to be a hypocrite down the road and my emotions will swing me into on of the two categories. Hopefully though I can learn from whatever situation that will be too, as well as everyone else no matter what trial they may face.

We all are supporters of the Liberty Movement and our passion for the issues motivate us in different ways and we can’t always know what’s in everyone’s head….and sometime it would be best not too. So while I would like a more defined message and one is needed, the inherent nature of the movement prevents it from getting too organized and maybe that is how it should be. Finding some happy middle where we make all this work is what we need. We are never going to be some big well oiled machine and we never really wanted that anyway, cause the moment we become that we are not the Liberty Movement anymore.

I hope this posting is not taken the wrong way but there are other things we can be doing besides concerning ourselves with this issue that can get Phil Moffett and Mike Harmon elected and that energy needs to be focused positively in those directions.