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I had the good fortune of going to the Lexington Campaign For Liberty meeting this week to hear some insights from John Dennis a real Liberty and Constitution candidate that ran as the Republican nominee against Nancy Pelosi out in San Fransisco. As you now know and can imagine his chances of winning were not good. However, he took on this endeavor because he cared about the future he was leaving for his kids and wanted to begin the process of shinning a real critical light on Nancy Pelosi and the political establishment at large and their anti-liberty and anti-constitutional record.

He talked of not being so concerned about the left right model as they were able to build a coalition of liberty lovers out there in San Francisco that before the Republican party was unable to reach, especially by highlighting the hypocrisy of Rep. Pelosi. While running he got to experience the arrogance of Pelosi first hand as she refused to debate him and when he asked for one, she simply dismissed it, kind of like her response to if Obamacare was constitutional.While he did not win he did have fun running against her, especially the opportunities he got to poke some fun at her and show the world what she really is, a Kleptocrat (elected thief)

He of course spoke about issues such as the Federal Reserve, the PATRIOT Act and now President Obama’s unconstitutional war in Libya. He expressed hope that we are not done yet taking this country back and that we can save our economy, but that we would have to be willing to do the hard things like cut spending, taxes, borrowing, and inflation. He compared the current U.S. attitude toward business versus China’s and how they reward businesses for their efforts. He noted that it is not cheaper to actually make a product in China because of all the shipping costs but that the taxing structure is more favorable for businesses. He admitted to us that if the dollar does collapse that friendly nature toward capital will help China take the lead economically not the U.S.

It is odd to know that China and the US are going in complete opposite directions economically. I see it as a blurring of the lines of a sort when it comes to people being able to understand the definition of a word. What is Capitalism and what is Socialism? We are supposed to be Capitalist yet we act like Socialists and they are supposed to be Socialist yet they are growing more and more Capitalistic. I feel this will breed a lot of confusion for people, especially since neither government is practicing a true version of either and ultimately if we don’t figure things out and soon, we could be making a disastrously uninformed decision on which direction we want our nation to go.

John Dennis is a real friend of Liberty and the Constitution and he will be one of the guests on the Nullify the FDA Moneybomb radio show hosted by Jack Hunter and Robert Scott Bell in an effort to raise money for TEA Party candidate for Governor of Kentucky, Phil Moffett.