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Response to question about how we feel about the Tea party folks
In response to the question of how I feel about the Tea Party Folks:
They have a very legitimate basis for their frustration at the past and current state of affairs. And I certainly don’t blame them for seeking alternative candidates to challenge our current officeholders who put us in this mess.
I have been calling for smaller government and less taxes for 30 years now and am excited to see the grassroot efforts to effect these changes.
However, I am concerned when some folks try to morph those efforts into a “Party” because that only engenders gratuitous dogma to which the “leaders” demand compliance.
Therefore, I am not so concerned about getting Tea Party support as I am getting the support of the individual voters who may be members of it. We don’t want a Party affiliation, only the votes of all the members of all of the parties. Thanks for the question.
Hmmm. Will it work? It may.
However, at a Tea Party event held in Lexington on April 15th last year, Gatewood was invited to speak. He accepted, then, for some reason, he was unavailable and sent his running mate, Dea Riley, to speak in his place. Apparently, this was announced on their Facebook page. Dea told us they got a lot of negative feedback. She said that she was going to speak anyway, because they had committed, but to not ask them again to speak at a Tea Party.

The question is… Did they change their minds?Told ya. This is going to be fun.