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After the debate the Frank Luntz Focus Group indicated that before the debate that only one supported Cain afterward nearly all supported Cain. I admit Cain had a good night with a lot of good answers, but for me there seemed to be something missing, oh say like a Constitutional Principle to back up some of his logic or his non specifics when it came to certain issues like foreign policy. Then conveniently Hannity spent the majority of the time talking to Pawlenty and Santorum the two Neo-Con establishment candidates thus creating a feeling of favoritism for the status quo and the TEA Party left out in the cold.

But wait is all this a ruse to get us behind Cain, he has had the underdog feel to him being a TEA Party backed candidate but one has to wonder why is he a TEA Party Candidate. The TEA Party is about fiscal issues first and foremost and well on the surface being a businessman Cain fits that mold as he should know how to handle fiscal matters and be responsible. He says a lot of the right things but something seems amiss about him, too convenient.

Did anyone know that he supported the Bank Bailout TARP? Did anyone know that he sat on the board of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank as Chairman? This former position of course has him not in favor of an audit of the Federal Reserve. So how can the TEA Party candidate who is supposed to be fiscally conservative and responsible be for the Bank Bailouts, how could he be for not auditing the federal reserve? An Audit of the Federal Reserve has come to prominence under the TEA Party yet he does not want one and he is the TEA Party Candidate. Something just don’t make sense that a man that was for the Bank Bailout and is a part of the Federal Reserve apparatus is a TEA Party Candidate.

Now I go back to the focus group. You ever wonder why there are so many studies, surveys, polls, etc coming at us through the TV Screen? It’s all a PR stunt they obviously want to know what we are thinking and if we are going in a direction they don’t like we are corralled in the direction they wanted, whomever they are. I know it sound conspiratorial, but look at George Soros, there are all kinds of factions vying for control of things, why not our opinions.

We were reminded last night by a moderator (Shannon Bream) that Ron Paul is seen as the father of the TEA Parties. Well guess who skipped the Hannity interview and went to a TEA Party after the debate? Not Cain, but Ron Paul!