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It appears Ron Paul won the straw poll at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this year, but you wouldn’t know that from the media reports.

Fox News headline: Rep Ron Paul Wins Star Poll at GOP Forum. Turns out though half the article is about the comedian they had and what the attendees liked and disliked about the Obama impersonator. However it gets “better.” The CNN headline: Huntsman Surprises in Big GOP Straw Poll the Obama’s Ambassador to China who was not even there got second. Ron Paul won by an overwhelming majority over Huntsman and the rest of the candidates. Oh and CNN had its own separate article about the comedian.

The fact the Ron Paul was able to win at a political conference like this and his win at CPAC earlier this year speaks volumes about his support and message. However, it seems the media likes the establishment bread & butter. I have no doubt this will be a hard road for Paul, but I also have no doubt that he is shaping the debate now and forcing the Republican party toward a Constitutional Republican form of government that fosters Capitalism and Liberty as it’s platform.

Here is a statement from the Ron Paul Campaign on the poll