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I know this is going to be a controversial issue to cover; however, it has now been 40 years , this week, since President Nixon declared a “War on Drugs.” I am by no means advocating drug use, but it is high time we question the effectiveness of outlawing drugs. Government fails us every time we turn around. They declared a “War on Illiteracy” and now look at our education system as a whole. Once one of the best in the world we now traditionally rank around 17. The “War on Poverty” has been a failure as well as it seems the gap between the rich and the poor grow greater. The “War on Terror” what a ridiculous idea to declare war on a tactic. What was once contained to Afghanistan is now in numerous countries around the world and with the instability as of late has even more room to grow.

The point is, these “wars” are meant to fail in the end as it services an ever increasing government. Now the Federal government is involved in every aspect of your child’s brainwashing….um….education with the “War on Illiteracy.” With the “War on Poverty” the Federal government has taken upon themselves to pick your pocket and redistribute wealth. The “War on Terror” has bought us a police state in which things like The “Patriot” Act, FISA, MCA, REAL ID, The TSA, The Department of Homeland Security’s “Lexicon” labeling Gun Rights advocates, Homeschooling, Environmentalists, Animal Rights advocates, Pro-Lifers, Veterans, Third Parties all possible enemies of the state. So what has the “War on Drugs” fostered, no real decrease in drug use, but an increase in the idea that the government can control your behavior for their desired results.

So while many may cringe at the concept of legalizing drugs remember these two things, one is a simple statement. If you do not protect the fringe you will become the fringe. Secondly the cost not only to execute the war but the other legitimate areas of our legal system that are sacrificed for it has become far too burdensome.

Below is a quick, engaging, and informative video on the “War on Drugs”

In the end there are only two ways to deal with this as Conservative Pat Buchanan points out. Kill anyone associated with drug use like Mao did in China, or end the drug war as Economist Milton Friedman said. I agree with Buchanan we will never pick the Maoist solution as half the nation is on some sort of drug, which means there is a pretty good chance a loved on of yours has used or is using. For those wanting to read the entire article by Buchanan cited in the video, here is the link the the article titled “Afghanistan South”

Now we have an FDA approving pharmaceutical drugs that seem to come with a disclaimer of almost anything you can think of, causing all kinds of health problems. These companies make billions off of the American people every year. What’s the difference in the danger each poses and people abuse those drugs too. The difference, one has government approval the other does not. If we learned any thing for alcohol prohibition is that it causes more crime than it prevents “bad behavior.” Now we are putting our teenagers in dangerous situations with shady characters. Yet back in the “good ole days” when we were supposedly more wholesome than today all these drugs were readily available and there was less crime.

Would it not be better to deal with this situation through love and guidance at the hands of those that actually care about the victims of drug abuse, rather than a throw the book at them government cookie cutter solution.