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Our friends at Take Back Kentucky have some information about REAL ID that they would like to get out. I fully support the efforts against REAL ID and encourage you to help in anyway that you can.

REAL ID Legal Battle Brewing

Take Back Kentucky has joined with several grassroots organizations across the country like Secure Arkansas, OK-SAFE, Freedom 21 and the Constitutional Alliance to stop REAL ID.

Some may still be unaware of what REAL ID is, so in brief it is an National ID program that calls for the storage and sharing of your personal and biometric information by the federal government via your state’s driver’s license. However, it is actually more than a National ID but an International ID as the regulations were written by an UN affiliate the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). If you wish to have more detail on REAL ID please visit our issues page about it or visit the above mentioned Constitutional Alliance web site for more in depth detail.

REAL ID affects our 1st Amendment Rights by violating Religious Rights as Christians are opposed to participating in a global identification system as this my be a precursor to the Mark of the Beast mentioned in Revelation. However, this affects more than just Christians but every American. REAL ID also violates the the 4th Amendment as taking of our personal and biometric information is illegal search and seizure, as well as the 9th and 10th Amendment regarding Individual and State Sovereignty. Whats worse is this information is in the hands of a Corporation in L1-Identity Solutions that is supposed to be sold to the French Government. Another government will be in charge of American Citizens information.

Below is an appeal by a Co-Founder Mark Lerner of the Constitutional Alliance. He is requesting public awareness, education and support for a member of their Board Kaye Beach who is challenging REAL ID in Oklahoma. Instead of fighting this in all 50 states they are taking REAL ID to the courts. They not only need moral support though but financial support. We know during these tough economic times it is hard to find extra funds, but they request any amount possible, if everyone chips in a little bit then it will make a big difference as this will have national ramifications in the long run.

Also be sure to check out this Oklahoma City Fox Affiliate’s interview with Mrs. Beach.

The battle is on; one woman fighting and sacrificing for all!

She refused to renew her driver’s license! Why?

One woman is fed up with all the government intrusion into our lives. This woman is a mother, wife, Christian and patriot. This same woman is on the Board of Directors of the Constitutional Alliance. One person is fighting not only for her own rights but the rights of all citizens. This battle will begin in a courtroom this July not in legislatures or Congress where the people’s voice is not being heard.

I am personally as a citizen and as the co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance supporting this woman’s journey to protect the rights of all citizens, the rights of states and our nation’s sovereignty. This woman is Kaye Beach of Oklahoma. What happens in Oklahoma will determine if our constitutionally protected rights still have meaning. Kaye’s case will have a dramatic impact on the religious freedom of all Christians in this country.

Kaye is taking a stand that involves great personal sacrifice. Can you take a few minutes of your time for a lifetime of freedom?

Kaye exhausted all administrative remedies in order to protect her First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. States’ rights will also be addressed as Kaye’s epic battle moves forward.
Kaye’s is fighting forced biometric (ex. fingerprinting, facial recognition, iris scanning and DNA collection) enrollment, her personal information being shared with corporations & government entities, and the influence of international organizations on our nation’s policies and laws.

Kaye was recently cited for driving with an expired driver’s license. Kaye has opened an account for a legal defense fund. She is preparing to take her fight, which is each of ours fight for freedom all the way to the highest court. Kaye has elected to not renew her biometric driver’s license but rather fight for her constitutional rights. What takes place as Kaye’s case moves forward may well determine the future of the federal government’s ability to force biometric/RFID identification documents that meet international standards on U.S. citizens.
You may contribute to Kaye’s effort by sending a check or money order to:
Kaye Beach, P.O. Box 722381, Norman, Oklahoma, 73070 (please write legal defense fund in the memo section of your check or money order).

For those that wish to use a credit card (click here to donate) to Kaye’s legal defense fund.
Why courts and not legislatures or Congress? The reality is in nearly every state legislature one person whether it is a floor leader, Speaker of the House, Senate Pro Tempore or even a committee chairperson can kill a bill by not allowing the bill to be heard and/or voted on; this not “representation”.

Kaye is fully committed to taking this fight to the limit in the legal arena. In fact several thousand dollars have already been raised for this fight but she is still eight thousand dollars short of the amount needed to engage.
As the battle plays out additional funding will be raised as needed.

Kaye’s battle is a personal one as well as a public one. It should be a battle that transcends the minor differences and distractions that invariably exist even among the many who, at the end of the day, desire the same outcome –personal freedom. We each have a responsibility as citizens to ensure we pass on to the children of today the rights, liberty and freedom we each inherited at such great sacrifice to previous generations.

Every citizen has a stake in ensuring Kaye’s success. Liberty is not ours to give or take but rather to preserve; liberty is endowed to us by our Creator.

I will be discussing biblical prophecy on TBN, Daystar Television Network and Church TV. The specific issues that will be discussed include biometrics and RFID as they relate to all citizens being enrolled into a single system of global identification that controls our ability to buy, sell and travel. The schedule for the for
nationally televised shows (each show has different content) on each channel is as follows:

· Daystar 10:00 PM CST – 7/10 – 7/17 – 7/24 – 7/31 Sundays
· TBN 7:00 AM CST – 6/29 – 7/6 – 7/13 – 7/20 Wednesdays
– Church TV (TCC) 9:00 PM CST – 6/20 – 6/27 – 7/04 – 7/11 Mondays
Repeat broadcasts of the shows will be aired all throughout the week. Check your local television programming for times and dates the shows will repeat during the week.

Please share this article with everyone you are in contact with. We each have candidates and/or political parties we support. At the speed new laws are being proposed and current laws implemented we must act now. We do not have the luxury of waiting for future elections. Our choice is clear; we either support Kaye Beach in her effort to protect our rights or we accept the continued erosion of our rights.
The Constitutional Alliance will post and release regular updates on its web-site

Mark Lerner –

Co-Founder of the Constitutional Alliance and the Stop Real ID Coalition