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I ran across some disturbing information the other day about the TSA conducting exercises in 3 states; Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. Considering the thuggery of the TSA and it’s well unconstitutional authority to be doing is what I find disturbing and the fact that they want to expand it is even more so.

Most of the information can be found at this link at I am sometimes cautious to post stories from Alex Jones and this site, but it appears they have all their ducks in a row on this one. A few links do not work but I have already heard from the mainstream media about the expansion of TSA scanning and the trucks using backscatter x-ray devices on the streets. The final link that does not work is about an anti-TSA bill in Texas, which we reported on earlier that Texas Governor Rick Perry is not pushing as hard as his rhetoric would lead one to believe.

It is disconcerting to me that the Federal Government and the TSA would use Kentucky, or any state for that matter to test their expansion ambitions. If what the TSA has done at the airports is any indication of what they will be like elsewhere, we should be very concerned. Apparently nothing is off limits for the TSA, even a High School prom.