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State House Representative Jamie Comer (R) has several issues and ideas he wants to address and implement as Agricultural Commissioner. However, the three I like hearing about are transparency and fiscal responsibility in the Ag Office, getting industrial hemp started, and increasing our organic market.

Transparency and fiscal responsibility is obviously something we need more of in state government.

The industrial hemp according to a UK study will create 70,000 jobs. I fully expect hemp to do that but even if we achieve only half that is light years better than what Governor Beshear has given us over the past few years with a hundred or so here and there. Growing hemp is also a liberty issue as farmers in this state should be able to grow a crop such as hemp on their own property, especially with tobacco fading as our cash crop a viable alternative is needed.

Recently the raw milk raids in Louisville have sparked a debate about another liberty issue, being in control of what goes into your own body. Now the dairy products do not come under the Ag Departments jurisdiction but the Health Department; however, Comer seems interested in expanding our organic food markets as we are lagging behind other states in this effort. Comer has also expressed interest to TEA Party groups in looking into the federal S. 510 and how to fight it on a state level that was passed. S. 510 called for the industrialization and modernization of all food grown in this country right down to the small family farm and local gardens.

I look forward to Jamie Comer as he is a real farmer, leading the Ag Office with new and better ideas for Kentucky’s Ag future. The other “Farmer” in this race fancies himself a comedian….and a bad one at that. Don’t be fooled by the name.