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Texas Governor Rick Perry is set to enter the Republican Primary race for President Today. He will be making his splash in South Carolina not Iowa. So let’s look at his conservative credentials for a moment.

Back in 1988 Rick Perry served as the Texas Campaign Manager for Al Gore as he was a Democrat at the time. Now many would say that Reagan was once a Democrat and that it should not be held against him. However, this is Al Gore here not you run of the mill Blue Dog Conservative Democrat. Let’s again give Perry the benefit of the doubt. He said working with Al Gore is what spurred him to be a Republican, that he saw the light as it were. Well kudos for him! So from then on out he was on the straight and narrow Conservative track to recovery, right? Well not so much.

As pointed out in this Townhall piece Governor Rick Perry has a NAFTA Superhighway Problem. Think it is a conspiracy, think again after you red this article. The nuts an bolts of this concept is it is a UN style program in hopes of creating a North American Union much like the European Union. This highway would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars in Texas alone, spread 2 miles wide, having rail, highway, communication and utility lines going from the Mexican border up into Kansas where it would branch out from there going through the US and up into Canada. This would be used to ship Chinese goods into the United States. To do all of this Governor Perry was willing to kick millions of people out of their houses, shut down business and off their farms and ranches.

Does not sound very Conservative to me.

Much of the disturbing details of this and more are outlined in Jerome Corsi’s book “The Late Great United States”

Take a look at this Map of the National Plan

NOTE: The Mexican Flag in Kansas City, well that’s consider to be a Mexican inland port that they will control.

Flashing back to 2008 (in the video below explaining NAFTA and the NAU/SPP in a nutshell) Ron Paul made this an issue and you can bet that with Perry getting in the race he will use it as ammo against him. It would be fun to see Paul vs. Perry, bring on the popcorn.