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Recently in Texas a Ron Paul supporter tried going into the gutter to find out things about Rick Perry, by trying to find out about his sexual relations. Specifically if he had any outside of his marriage or if in fact he was gay (can’t pick one I guess). How idiotic can you get?! Apparently so idiotic you take out a newspaper ad for it. I as a Ron Paul supporter do not condone this type of behavior ever. There are enough legitimate concenrns about Perry (or most of the other candidates for that matter) without having to find trash that may or may not even be valid.

I would also say to anyone that thinks this reflects badly on Ron Paul or that he is in some way responsible is also being idiotic as he did not commission, ask for, or condone this. Every one of these candidates running for president has nut jobs that are not affiliated with the campaign in any way what so ever and to somehow equate Ron Paul responsible for this or worse base your vote on it (sadly people are, or at least using it as an excuse) is absurd. Most Ron Paul supporters much like most supporters of a presidential candidate are normal every day folks looking to find a way to make this country better.

To check out the idiocy click here for the coverage The Blaze gave to it.