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Guest post by Lance Wheeler. Originally posted at here

University of Kentucky students are still paying for Lee Todd’s “high-life” as he steps down as President and takes over as a College of Engineering faculty member. Other than Dr. Todd being the highest paid Electrical Engineering professor — $162,000 a year, Lee Todd will also receive a new office that will cost students $143,828.

The student newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel, covered the new office plan in their recent article. The Kernel states that the new office will be located in the Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center Building.

The UK Board of Trustees approved a 6% tuition increase this year for the 2011-2012 school terms. President Lee Todd was quoted, “I understand the pain tuition increases cause our students and their families. But we do our students a grave and lasting disservice if we let the quality of their undergraduate experience erode.”

Is it a “grave and lasting disservice” to students if former President Lee Todd does not receive his expensive office and salary? The University of Kentucky will use over $300,000 dollars just for Dr. Todd, and students are asking if that money may be used for something else.

Universities all throughout the nation are raising tuition costs while wasting money that is better used for students’ academics. Students are outraged with the wasteful spending from student fees to president’s salaries.

Conservative students need to take action and fight their administration on these irresponsible budgets. Students ought to write letters to the editors, create fliers, and email their administration with their frustration.

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