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Already the spin is happening regarding the Iowa Ames Staw Poll Today. This morning I happen to be watching Fox News and they were doing an interview with Mike Huckabee in Ames. He is asked of course his opinion about today’s polls and his thoughts on the candidates. Then he added this little quick caveat that I am going to paraphrase as I did not get the exact quote.

“We all know Ron Paul can’t win, but he could invalidate the poll today coming in either first or second.” So what you are telling us as you admitted most of the candidates pay their voter’s way in and that this poll is not just a measure of support for a candidate but their strength and organization capability. Yet when it comes to Ron Paul it’s all a fluke.

Even though Rasmussen has him polling third in Iowa and USA Today/Gallup has him polling third nationally. So how come when an establishment candidate wins it’s legit but when Ron Paul wins there must be some sort of shenanigans. I think it is about time Fox News stopped trying to shape public opinion.

Here’s what it means if Ron Paul comes in strong today. He is competitive and has the ability to win. Can he? Yes. Will he, that remains to be seen. If he comes in low in the poll that means he has a lot of work to do. Can he still win? Yes again. Will he? Again, that remains to be seen. This is going be a long election so no one needs to start declaring a winner and loser just yet….at least if you are a news agency.