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Guest post by Lance Wheeler.

Recently, I have seen support from Kentucky Tea Party members for Gatewood Galbraith – Independent candidate for Kentucky Governor. However, hearing his speeches for two years and taking a glance at his issue page, I ask myself why would any Tea Party member support him?

During the Republican primary for Governor, the Tea Party endorsed Phil Moffett for the nomination. Phil Moffett unfortunately lost the election to David Williams, the establishment candidate, and members of the Tea Party expressed their discontent. Gatewood noticed this dislike for David Williams and convinced some of the members that he is the Tea Party candidate.

After reading his issues page, I noticed some ideas that do not line with the Tea Party’s philosophy. Gatewood is against Mountain Top Removal (MTR), Free-Market measures with “Green” fees, privatization of gambling casinos, and favors a stimulus for all students who graduate from high school.

It is hard to support a candidate to be the next Governor of Kentucky when they support issues such as these. Gatewood believes that the government can fix market problems ranging from casinos to the horse market. This is not a candidate that the Tea Party, or any other conservative group, should endorse.

Gatewood is correct when it comes to taxes and personal liberty; however, Gatewood’s big government policies are not what Kentucky needs as its next leader.

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