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This issue almost slipped past my radar. So if anyone has not heard, a group of Amish in Western Kentucky were arrested this month over not having the orange reflective triangle on their buggies. Whether or not I agree with their beliefs or not is irrelevant, what I do believe is they believe this to be a violation of their religious rights, not to mention property. Then to have their mug shots released to the media in an effort in my mind by the local law enforcement to shame these people into compliance. Most Amish are adamantly opposed t having their pictures taken as they consider it a graven image. I personally think local law enforcement has better things to do with their time than harass the Amish.

I know some may not agree with their stance and may even find it strange. Well I will put it too you like this as it was once said to me. If you do not protect the fringe you will become the fringe then who will be left to protect you.

Take Back Kentucky recently put up a post about it too and has some questions they would like answered from the public. So click here and let them know what you think of the situation.