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In yet another example of overreach (and that’s putting it mildly) by the Federal Government, the EPA is taking a couples plot of land in Idaho where they hope to build a house because they classify it as a wetland and they could face a $40 Million fine if they do not comply within certain time limits.

Despite the problem of just arbitrarily taking these people’s land with no due process or compensation (in fact the opposite) that’s not the most absurd thing. This land is not classified as a wetland, its in a subdivision on .63 acres of land for which they paid $23,000 (the daily fine is worth more than the land, $37,500) and they complied with all the local building permit laws etc.

Click here for the full story at World Net Daily.

Below is the You Tube with the couple discussing the situation.

The Pacific Legal Foundation is representing them and they are taking the EPA to the Supreme Court.