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Seems like the Democrats and Bob “Farmer” are finally going after the subsidy issue with Comer, as it was brought up in the KET Debate tonight. So how about a little refresher on what was attempted in the Republican Primary in an post called False Attacks Against Comer, this particular issue was False Attack #2.

False Attack #2 Comer has received somewhere around $85K in farm subsidies: This is true, but let’s examine the facts. In actuality most of that was to compensate him for a fence that the government required him to build on his property, some 2 miles worth to keep his cattle out of a waterway that went to be used for public water. Also included in this attack is the lumping together of his father’s farm. These subsidies are over a 15 year period, not something recent or like he receives this all in one year every year like it has been presented.

If you explore this site long enough, you’ll figure out Comer is nowhere near being a top recipient. In fact over the 15 years his average is about $5700 a year, not much in the farming world. I myself am against subsidies, but I recognize the reality in Kentucky that they are used and have been for quite some time. However, Comer is not a major offender of the system by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I would say he is the family farm getting back a piece of what the government takes from him throughout the year in taxes like most other small to mid range farms in this state.