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Earlier today it was thought that Texas Governor Rick Perry would not participate in the Republican Presidential Debate tomorrow night. This was due to Perry making a statement that he was “substantially more concerned” about the wildfires than the debate. While this is a natural reaction for any human being; understood in context, he is just one man who cannot do a whole lot on the ground. However, he can do a heck of a lot on the phone given his current political aspirations. First he stole the spotlight from the Iowa Straw Poll, and then the consideration of even skipping his first debate and letting that be known is a little too much political gamesmanship in my opinion. Like Obama unrealistically scheduling his speech to a joint session of Congress on jobs to take place at the same time the GOP debate was to be held, or closer to home, like Governor Steve Beshear at Fancy Farm this year.

The good news is he is going to the debate and I am looking forward to him answering questions about the NAFTA Super Highway/TTC, his affiliation with the Democrat Party and Al Gore, his appreciation for Hillary Clinton and her attempts to reform Healthcare in the 90’s, his forced vaccination plans on little girls in the Texas schools system. All of these issues we have covered here. However, there are some new little tidbits about Perry we have not blogged about. Would anyone be interested in know about his “Tax and Spend Cronyism as Big as Texas” as this The New American article points out. Here’s a taste of what they have to say about good ole’ “TEA Party” Rick:

“Additionally, there is substantial evidence that Governor Rick Perry is fond of perpetuating the capitalist welfare system by doling out taxpayer money to corporate cronies.

Witness the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. This fund was initiated by Perry in 2005 to serve as a source of seed money for start-up technology companies doing business in Texas.

In the six years since its inception, the fund has committed nearly $200 million of taxpayer money to fund 133 companies. Perry told a group of CEOs in May that the fund’s “strategic investments are what’s helping us keep groundbreaking innovations in the state.” Unlike other programs sponsored or supported by the Governor, Perry’s finger is in every pie as he, along with the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the Texas House, maintains final authority over the disbursement of the fund’s resources.

So pervasive was Perry’s influence on the fund that the Dallas Morning News reported that nearly $16 million from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund went to firms in which major contributors to Perry’s campaign served as either investors or officers, and “$27 million from the Fund has gone to companies founded or advised by six advisory board members.” This excessive and self-serving entanglement has not escaped the attention of observers in Texas, especially among fiscal conservatives already riled at Perry’s fast and loose manner when it comes to spending taxpayer money.”

Go ahead check the rest out, there’s more. Think about it people, this guy on the surface looks too good to be true, and says a lot of nice things that ring well in most conservatives ears, but as they say “he’s all hat, and not cattle” when it comes to matching his rhetoric versus his actions in accordance with the philosophy of liberty.