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John Kemper candidate for State Auditor has said from the beginning that he will be an independent guardian of the taxpayers dollars and in an effort to follow through on that he has returned all the funds from government officials and or employees he might be called upon to audit. Apparently these funds totaled up to about $1200 from 5 different people. That’s not even the max one person can donate.

Adam Edelen of course says this is Kemper back tracking and being a hypocrite when John pointed out Adam’s donations. Edelen’s campaign as refused to return the funds he has accepted that could compromise his independence stating

“…He was criticizing Adam for taking contributions from state employees—less than 10% of his fundraising total—while doing the same thing himself,” Nathan Cryder, a spokesman for Edelen said in a statement. “It was only when the media pointed out his hypocrisy that he decided to return it. So it’s clear that Mr. Kemper’s is simply trying to distract from the fact that he is fundamentally unfit to be state auditor.”

Seriously….you have to be Joking right. Kemper’s total were very insignificant compared to Edelen’s. How much was Edelen’s one may wonder. According to the Kemper campaign, Edelen has received $74,324 from state and local officials and another $34,861 from lobbyists.

Hmm….yeah Kemper is the hypocrite?!?!

Oh and did everyone know that Edelen was Governor’s Steve Beshear’s former chief of staff, so unless David Williams or Gatewood Galbraith has a miracle how on earth does Edelen expect to be independent in his review of the executive office.

So Kentucky, you have a choice to make an independent never held political office, never got involved in politics until recent, business man John Kemper for Auditor or never been nothing but a political non-independent hypocritical hack in Edelen for a paycheck collecting, seat warming, do nothing bureaucrat.

“Adam Edelen has exchanged the last bit of his credibility as an independent or impartial agent on behalf of taxpayers for an embarrassing glut of campaign cash from individuals and agents who have vested interests in maintaining the status quo in Frankfort,” Kemper said.

John Kemper walks the walk, Adam Edelen he just all talk.